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All Commercial Cloakroom Furniture

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Cube Locker

Cube Locker£42.99  -  £55.99

Low Locker

Low Locker£71.99  -  £108.99

Single Door Locker

Single Door Locker£79.99  -  £94.99

Two Door Locker

Two Door Locker£87.01  -  £267.14

Three Door Locker

Three Door Locker£112.99

Four Door Locker

Four Door Locker£120.99

Five Door Locker

Five Door Locker£129.99

Clean & Dirty Locker

Clean & Dirty Locker£134.99

Six Door Locker

Six Door Locker£148.99

Uniform / Janitor's Locker

Uniform / Janitor's Locker£152.99

8 Door Low Wallet Locker

8 Door Low Wallet Locker£154.99

Twin Locker

Twin Locker£156.99

Single Sided Bench KD

Single Sided Bench KD£161.99  -  £277.99


Eight Door Locker£168.99

Two Person Locker

Two Person Locker£168.99

Single Sided Hook Bench KD

Single Sided Hook Bench KD£207.99  -  £355.99

5 Door Garment Dispenser Locker

5 Door Garment Dispenser Locker£213.99

Enviro Changing Room Bench

Enviro Changing Room Bench£214.99  -  £242.99

10 Door Garment Dispenser Locker

10 Door Garment Dispenser Locker£267.99

Double Sided Bench KD

Double Sided Bench KD£291.99  -  £500.99

15 Door Garment Dispenser Locker

15 Door Garment Dispenser Locker£321.99

Double Sided Hook Bench KD

Double Sided Hook Bench KD£386.99  -  £642.99

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Page 1 of 1:    22 Items
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