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Commercial Folding Chairs

One of our most popular commercial chair ranges, folding chairs are often perceived to offer the ultimate in space saving seating.  Kirkhouse offer a wide range of contract quality folding chairs with versatile storage solutions from hanging trolleys to fork-lift-truck storage frames.

Folding chairs can often save space and many village hall & community centre customers enjoy the benefits of a storage trolley, however we often recommend that customers consider Kirkhouse high-density stacking chair alternatives which will likely save more space with additional comfort.

You can buy commercial folding chairs via our website or contact Kirkhouse with any queries.

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904 G2 Padded Folding Chair

904 G2 Padded Folding Chair

2200 Folding Chair

2200 Folding Chair£11.99

2200 Plus Folding Chair

2200 Plus Folding Chair£12.99

Exam Flat-Back Folding Chair

Exam Flat-Back Folding Chair£12.99

Exam Fan-Back Folding Chair + Linking

Exam Fan-Back Folding Chair + Linking£13.99

2700 All Steel Folding Chair

2700 All Steel Folding Chair£15.99

Mogo Prima Folding Chair

Mogo Prima Folding Chair£16.18

2700 All Steel Linking Folding Chair

2700 All Steel Linking Folding Chair£17.99

Mogo Prima Plus Folding Chair

Mogo Prima Plus Folding Chair£17.99

Mogo Smart Folding Chair

Mogo Smart Folding Chair£17.99

971 Polyfold Folding Chair

971 Polyfold Folding Chair£21.99

Mogo Nova Folding Chair

Mogo Nova Folding Chair£22.17

701G Metal Folding Chair

701G Metal Folding Chair£22.61

BigClassic Folding Chair

BigClassic Folding Chair£22.99

Fanback Poly Folding Chair

Fanback Poly Folding Chair£24.99

2700 Folding Chair + Seat Pad

2700 Folding Chair + Seat Pad£27.99

801G Metal Folding Chair

801G Metal Folding Chair£28.99

Mogo Comfort Folding Chair

Mogo Comfort Folding Chair£29.99

Morph Plastic Folding Chair 24H

Morph Plastic Folding Chair 24H£29.99

Mogo Comfort Plus Folding Chair

Mogo Comfort Plus Folding Chair£31.99

2700 Folding Chair + Seat & Back Pad

2700 Folding Chair + Seat & Back Pad£33.99

Fanback Steel Folding Chair

Fanback Steel Folding Chair£34.99

704G Padded Folding Chair

704G Padded Folding Chair£41.99

Mogo Comfort Deluxe Folding Chair

Mogo Comfort Deluxe Folding Chair£42.99

Fanback Upholstered Folding Chair

Fanback Upholstered Folding Chair£44.99

704G Plus Padded Folding Chair

704G Plus Padded Folding Chair£45.99

804G Plus Padded Folding Chair

804G Plus Padded Folding Chair£45.99

ARKUA 700 Folding Chair

ARKUA 700 Folding Chair£49.99

Premier 100 Folding Chair

Premier 100 Folding Chair£53.99

Sienna Folding Conference Chair 24H

Sienna Folding Conference Chair 24H£53.99

2000S Heavy-Duty Metal Folding Chair

2000S Heavy-Duty Metal Folding Chair£67.99

ARKUA 700 Padded Folding Chair

ARKUA 700 Padded Folding Chair£84.99

Riva Aluminium Folding Chair

Riva Aluminium Folding Chair£210.00

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Page 1 of 1:    54 Items
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