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Commercial Children's Tables

Regularly supplied for use in schools, children's nurseries, soft-play party rooms and child care centres, this range comprises children's tables in various seat heights to suit ages 2-14 years.

Available in a wide range of colours, our children's tables will compliment and enliven your space for many years.

Kirkhouse work within European standards (EN1729) when recommending table & seat heights.

You can buy commercial children's tables via our website or contact Kirkhouse with any queries.

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Children's Square Table

Children's Square Table£39.99  -  £69.99

Premium Children's Half-Round Table

Premium Children's Half-Round Table£40.99

Children's Slide-Stacking Rectangular Table

Children's Slide-Stacking Rectangular Table£42.99  -  £49.99

Premium Children's Rectangular Table

Premium Children's Rectangular Table£43.99  -  £89.99

Premium Children's Trapezoidal Table

Premium Children's Trapezoidal Table£51.49

Volume Saving from 3+ units
Children's Premium Chunky Cantilever Table

Children's Premium Chunky Cantilever Table£56.99  -  £69.99

Volume Saving from 3+ units
Premium Children's Round Table

Premium Children's Round Table£63.99  -  £98.99

Gopak Tub Folding Table

Gopak Tub Folding Table£101.99  -  £129.99

Children's Gopak Contour Folding Table

Children's Gopak Contour Folding Table£67.99  -  £102.99

Enviro Children's Rectangular Table

Enviro Children's Rectangular Table£115.46   £103.99

Children's Square Wooden Table

Children's Square Wooden Table£109.99

Enviro Children's Bean Table

Enviro Children's Bean Table£121.99   £109.99

Enviro Children's Trapezoidal Table

Enviro Children's Trapezoidal Table£121.72   £109.99

Gopak Playtime Folding Table

Gopak Playtime Folding Table£153.34   £138.99

Enviro Children's Round Table

Enviro Children's Round Table£160.93   £144.99

Enviro Children's Daisy Table

Enviro Children's Daisy Table£167.47   £150.99

Children's Gopak Premier Folding Table

Children's Gopak Premier Folding Table£95.99  -  £154.99

Faroe Children's Fixed Seat Canteen Furniture

Faroe Children's Fixed Seat Canteen Furniture£152.99  -  £492.99

Gopak Enviro Children's Playtime Table

Gopak Enviro Children's Playtime Table£185.06   £169.99

Enviro Keyhole Classroom Table

Enviro Keyhole Classroom Table£222.08   £213.19

Casalino Jr.

Casalino Jr.£407.00

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Page 1 of 1:    25 Items
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