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Ultralight Staging Packages & Components

The original Ultralight staging solution from Gopak. Choose components or complete packages as required.

On site consultation & demonstration is available where required.

You can buy Gopak Ultralight staging via our website or contact Kirkhouse with any queries.

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Ultralight Staging Packages

Ultralight Staging Packages£2,040.99  -  £4,766.99

Ultralight Valance Packages

Ultralight Valance Packages£419.99  -  £880.99

Compact Saving from 5+ units
Ultralight Stage Deck - Carpet

Ultralight Stage Deck - Carpet£98.99  -  £246.99

Ultralight Stage Riser

Ultralight Stage Riser£56.99  -  £181.99

Ultralight Valance

Ultralight Valance£36.99  -  £55.99

Ultralight One Step Unit

Ultralight One Step Unit£156.99  -  £287.99

Ultralight 2 Step Guard Rail

Ultralight 2 Step Guard Rail£71.50   £68.64

Ultralight 3 Step Guard Rail

Ultralight 3 Step Guard Rail£61.10   £58.99

Ultralight Large Storage Trolley

Ultralight Large Storage Trolley£422.43   £405.99

Ultralight Small Storage Trolley

Ultralight Small Storage Trolley£259.82   £249.99

Ultralight 5mm Allen Key

Ultralight 5mm Allen Key£5.20   £4.99

Ultralight Anti Slip riser plus (pack 50)

Ultralight Anti Slip riser plus (pack 50)£11.02   £9.99

Ultralight Chair Stop Plate

Ultralight Chair Stop Plate£18.99  -  £44.99

Ultralight Riser Clamp

Ultralight Riser Clamp£4.00   £3.99

Ultralight Riser Levellers (pack 20)

Ultralight Riser Levellers (pack 20)£13.78   £12.99

Ultralight Riser Spring Clip

Ultralight Riser Spring Clip£2.30

Compact Saving from 5+ units
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Page 1 of 1:    16 Items
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