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Metal Frame Visitor Chairs

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Comet Stacking Conference Armchair

Comet Stacking Conference Armchair

Volume Saving from 3+ units
Comet Stacking Conference Chair

Comet Stacking Conference Chair

Volume Saving from 3+ units
Hospitality Stacking Chair (Pack of 4)

Hospitality Stacking Chair (Pack of 4)

Premium Saving from 20+ units
''ISO Black'' Club Conference Chair

"ISO Black" Club Conference Chair£39.60   £23.99

''ISO Black'' Club Conference Chair 24H

"ISO Black" Club Conference Chair 24H£39.60   £30.99

''ISO Chrome'' Club Conference Chair 24H

"ISO Chrome" Club Conference Chair 24H£41.80   £31.99

''ISO Bianco'' Visitor Chair 24H

"ISO Bianco" Visitor Chair 24H£50.60   £37.99

607 Premium Compact Conference Chair

607 Premium Compact Conference Chair£37.99

R2 Premium Stacking Visitor Chair

R2 Premium Stacking Visitor Chair£38.99

ISO Wood Stacking Chair 24H

ISO Wood Stacking Chair 24H£55.00   £39.99

Dalby Stacking Chair

Dalby Stacking Chair£40.99

Premium Utility Stacking Chair

Premium Utility Stacking Chair£43.56

600UPH Premium Conference Chair

600UPH Premium Conference Chair£43.99

''ISO Ergo Mesh'' Visitor Chair 24H

"ISO Ergo Mesh" Visitor Chair 24H£66.00   £46.99

Chatterbox Padded Stacking Chair

Chatterbox Padded Stacking Chair£46.99

Premium Saving from 20+ units
Galaxy Conference Stacking Chair

Galaxy Conference Stacking Chair£46.99  -  £61.99

607 Wood Premium Compact Chair

607 Wood Premium Compact Chair£47.99

Premium Cantilever Meeting Chair

Premium Cantilever Meeting Chair£48.99

PS500 Conference Stacking Chair

PS500 Conference Stacking Chair£51.99

Galaxy Conference Stacking Armchair

Galaxy Conference Stacking Armchair£54.99  -  £62.99

Premium Heavy-Duty Stacking Chair

Premium Heavy-Duty Stacking Chair£54.99

R2 Premium Stacking Visitor Armchair

R2 Premium Stacking Visitor Armchair£54.99

PS501A Conference Stacking Armchair

PS501A Conference Stacking Armchair£56.99

''ISO Ergo Mesh'' Cantilever Visitor Chair 24H

"ISO Ergo Mesh" Cantilever Visitor Chair 24H£85.80   £58.99

Dalby Padded Stacking Chair

Dalby Padded Stacking Chair£59.99

Rubic Unit Lounge Chair 24

Rubic Unit Lounge Chair 24£60.99

D7 Heavy-Duty Steel Lounge Chair

D7 Heavy-Duty Steel Lounge Chair£62.99

Premium Utility Stacking Armchair

Premium Utility Stacking Armchair£62.99

D9 Heavy-Duty Lounge Skid Chair

D9 Heavy-Duty Lounge Skid Chair£64.99

Chatterbox Padded Stacking Armchair

Chatterbox Padded Stacking Armchair£65.99

Premium Saving from 20+ units
Connect Waiting Chair 24H

Connect Waiting Chair 24H£69.49

D8 Heavy-Duty Steel Lounge Armchair

D8 Heavy-Duty Steel Lounge Armchair£71.99

Premium Cantilever Meeting Armchair

Premium Cantilever Meeting Armchair£74.99

Premium Heavy-Duty Armchair

Premium Heavy-Duty Armchair£74.99

Dalby Stacking Chair - Wood

Dalby Stacking Chair - Wood£76.99

PS505 Stacking Cantilever Chair

PS505 Stacking Cantilever Chair£76.99

PS502 Stacking Lecture Chair

PS502 Stacking Lecture Chair£78.99

Premium Heavy-Duty Cantilever Chair

Premium Heavy-Duty Cantilever Chair£81.99

''Samba'' Leather Visitor Armchair

"Samba" Leather Visitor Armchair£129.80   £83.99

''Kelly'' Padded Visitor Armchair 24H

"Kelly" Padded Visitor Armchair 24H£125.40   £84.99

Dalby Stacking Chair - Steel

Dalby Stacking Chair - Steel£84.99

PS501 Conference Stacking Armchair

PS501 Conference Stacking Armchair£84.99

''Samba'' Leather Visitor Armchair 24H

"Samba" Leather Visitor Armchair 24H£129.80   £87.99

Hospitality Express Stacking Chair (Pack of 4)

Hospitality Express Stacking Chair (Pack of 4)£94.99

Premium Saving from 20+ units
PS505A Stacking Cantilever Armchair

PS505A Stacking Cantilever Armchair£94.99

Saturn Steel Conference Chair

Saturn Steel Conference Chair£94.99

Premium Heavy-Duty Cantilever Armchair

Premium Heavy-Duty Cantilever Armchair£101.99

Wait Chair 24H

Wait Chair 24H£190.00   £102.99

''Redhot'' 4-Star Base Visitor Chair

"Redhot" 4-Star Base Visitor Chair£103.99

Wait Armchair 24H

Wait Armchair 24H£200.00   £107.99

Stol Block A Stacking Chair

Stol Block A Stacking Chair£112.99

Premium Saving from 20+ units
Saturn Steel Conference Chair + Tablet

Saturn Steel Conference Chair + Tablet£128.99

Caprice Visitor Armchair

Caprice Visitor Armchair£142.99

Volume Saving from 3+ units
''Redhot'' Visitor Chair

"Redhot" Visitor Chair£154.99

Block B Stacking Chair + Seat Pad

Block B Stacking Chair + Seat Pad£193.99

Tulip 4-Leg Chair

Tulip 4-Leg Chair£480.00   £248.99

Tulip Spider-Base Chair

Tulip Spider-Base Chair£500.00   £258.99

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Page 1 of 1:    64 Items
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