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Reception Chairs & Waiting Room Chairs

Flexible chair solutions for waiting rooms, lounge areas and receptions.

Commercial reception furniture should be comfortable and strong for regular through-flow use by a wide range of visitors, clients or staff.

This category comprises an extensive range of easy chairs, low chairs and standard height visitor chairs available in stock finishes or with padding in an extensive range of upholstery colours to suit your space.

You can buy reception chairs & waiting room chairs via our website or contact Kirkhouse with any queries.

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Premium Curved Stool

Premium Curved Stool£116.92

Extra Heavy-Duty Lounge Furniture

Extra Heavy-Duty Lounge Furniture£121.41  -  £154.20

Melia Straight-Back Modular Sofa

Melia Straight-Back Modular Sofa£221.00   £124.99

Easi-Chair Reception Furniture

Easi-Chair Reception Furniture£140.99  -  £247.99

Chunk Lounge Stool

Chunk Lounge Stool£153.99

Moon Lounge Stool

Moon Lounge Stool£153.99

Orb Lounge Stool

Orb Lounge Stool£153.99

Glacier Modular Lounge System 24H

Glacier Modular Lounge System 24H£70.40  -  £171.99

Heavy-Duty Wooden Lounge Furniture

Heavy-Duty Wooden Lounge Furniture£168.28  -  £428.56

Faux Leather Tub Armchair 24H

Faux Leather Tub Armchair 24H£303.00   £172.92

Rubic Unit Lounge Chair 24

Rubic Unit Lounge Chair 24£145.99  -  £173.80

Advanced Neptune Modular Lounge Furniture

Advanced Neptune Modular Lounge Furniture£176.93  -  £601.97

Premium Heavy-Duty Steel Lounge Furniture

Premium Heavy-Duty Steel Lounge Furniture£145.58  -  £230.58

Conect II Lounge Chair System

Conect II Lounge Chair System£189.99  -  £230.99

Tub Armchair 24H

Tub Armchair 24H£218.99

Club Duo Leather Sofa 24H

Club Duo Leather Sofa 24H£236.99

Premium Heavy-Duty Wooden Lounge Furniture

Premium Heavy-Duty Wooden Lounge Furniture£244.28  -  £279.09

Hello! 4L Lounge Armchair

Hello! 4L Lounge Armchair£244.99

Advanced Urban Upholstered Bench System

Advanced Urban Upholstered Bench System£155.47  -  £258.90

Faux Leather Tub Sofa 24H

Faux Leather Tub Sofa 24H£549.00   £274.12

Creare Lounge Side Chair - 4-Star Swivel

Creare Lounge Side Chair - 4-Star Swivel£298.99  -  £360.99

Talbot Modular Lounge Furniture

Talbot Modular Lounge Furniture£163.99  -  £377.15

Creare Lounge Side Chair - Skid-Base

Creare Lounge Side Chair - Skid-Base£304.99  -  £320.99

Woody Stacking Chair Natural Beech

Woody Stacking Chair Natural Beech£307.99  -  £367.99

Creare Lounge Side Chair - Wooden 4 Leg

Creare Lounge Side Chair - Wooden 4 Leg£320.99  -  £336.99

Tub Armchair - Metal Leg 24H

Tub Armchair - Metal Leg 24H£233.99  -  £323.84

Hello! Duo Sofa

Hello! Duo Sofa£333.99

Creare Lounge Side Chair - Round-Base

Creare Lounge Side Chair - Round-Base£336.99  -  £353.99

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Page 1 of 2:    94 Items
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