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High-Density Commercial Stacking Chairs

With roots stretching back to classic PEL & COX skid-base chairs from the 1940's, modern high-density stacking chairs present an excellent alternative for many organisations.

Stacking at º45, high-density stacking chairs will typically stack between 20-45 chairs high.  Perhaps the best of all being Sting chair, stacking 50 chairs high.

Kirkhouse has supplied these great space saving chairs to Museums, Conference Centres, Village Halls, Community Centres and Churches.  Benefit from improved space saving, greater comfort and increased strength in comparison to most folding chairs.

You can buy high-density stacking chairs via our website or contact Kirkhouse with any queries.

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Masterstack Skid-Base Stacking Chair

Masterstack Skid-Base Stacking Chair£35.44  -  £37.88

Public Stacking Conference Chair

Public Stacking Conference Chair£54.54  -  £59.06

Urban Stacking Chair

Urban Stacking Chair£65.87  -  £109.86

Jasper Stacking Chair

Jasper Stacking Chair£66.99

Datum High-Density Stacking Chair

Datum High-Density Stacking Chair£66.61  -  £67.40

Forma High-Density Stacking Chair

Forma High-Density Stacking Chair£99.59  -  £119.99

Mariquita Stacking Chair

Mariquita Stacking Chair£99.83

Arrow High-Density Stacking Chair

Arrow High-Density Stacking Chair£101.47  -  £155.58

Carver Stacking Chair

Carver Stacking Chair£151.99  -  £159.99

Cobra Stacking Chair

Cobra Stacking Chair£219.99  -  £227.99

Curvy Stacking Armchair

Curvy Stacking Armchair£234.99

Cobra Stacking Armchair

Cobra Stacking Armchair£258.99  -  £266.99

WEB High-Density  Wooden Stacking Chair

WEB High-Density Wooden Stacking Chair£269.36  -  £281.95

WEB High-Density  Wooden Stacking Armchair

WEB High-Density Wooden Stacking Armchair£296.48  -  £329.27

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Page 1 of 2:    76 Items
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