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Commercial Dining Chairs & Stools

Comfortable restaurant furniture in a range of styles, designed & built to last in your cafe, bar or restaurant.

Easy to clean stools & chairs are available in all wood, all plastic or all metal.  Padded commercial chairs are available in a vast range of upholstery fabrics to suit your space.

You can buy bar & restaurant furniture via our website or contact Kirkhouse with any queries.

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Mono Stacking Plastic Cafe Chair

Mono Stacking Plastic Cafe Chair£50.99

''Redhot'' 4 Leg Cafe Chair

"Redhot" 4 Leg Cafe Chair£60.99

Paris Low Metal Stool

Paris Low Metal Stool£61.02  -  £75.72

''Redhot'' Skid-Base Cafe Chair

"Redhot" Skid-Base Cafe Chair£62.99

Hoxton Plastic 4 Leg Chair (White)

Hoxton Plastic 4 Leg Chair (White)£62.99

Movie Plastic High Stool

Movie Plastic High Stool£63.99

RTM High-Back Dining Chair

RTM High-Back Dining Chair£64.99

''Cafe II'' Wooden Cafe Chair

"Cafe II" Wooden Cafe Chair£65.99

''Cafe IV'' Wooden Cafe Chair

"Cafe IV" Wooden Cafe Chair£65.99

''Cafe VII'' Wooden Cafe Chair

"Cafe VII" Wooden Cafe Chair£65.99

Mile Wooden Cafe Chair

Mile Wooden Cafe Chair£68.93

NUKE Indoor / Outdoor Leisure Chair

NUKE Indoor / Outdoor Leisure Chair£68.99

Paris Metal Side Chair

Paris Metal Side Chair£52.99  -  £83.64

Tulipan Wooden Cafe Chair 24H

Tulipan Wooden Cafe Chair 24H£69.99

Torino Plus Wood Seat Cafe Chair

Torino Plus Wood Seat Cafe Chair£71.20

Epsom Faux Leather Dining Chair

Epsom Faux Leather Dining Chair£71.99

Picasso Cafe Chair - Beech 24H

Picasso Cafe Chair - Beech 24H£74.46   £71.99

Restart Four Leg Bar Stool

Restart Four Leg Bar Stool£72.99

Paris High Metal Stool

Paris High Metal Stool£56.99  -  £85.90

Monk's Diner Wooden Upholstered Chair

Monk's Diner Wooden Upholstered Chair£73.99  -  £77.98

Hall 4-Leg Leisure Chair

Hall 4-Leg Leisure Chair£74.99  -  £89.99

Mono Plastic Skid-Base Chair

Mono Plastic Skid-Base Chair£74.99

Heston Wooden Low Stool

Heston Wooden Low Stool£75.72

''Zeta Hocker'' Padded Bar Stool

"Zeta Hocker" Padded Bar Stool£75.99

''Zeta Hocker'' Padded Bar Stool 24H

"Zeta Hocker" Padded Bar Stool 24H£75.99

Paris High Metal Stool + Backrest

Paris High Metal Stool + Backrest£60.99  -  £91.55

Eton All-Wood Dining Chair

Eton All-Wood Dining Chair£77.47

Harrow All-Wood Dining Chair

Harrow All-Wood Dining Chair£77.47

Pelon Wooden Cafe Chair

Pelon Wooden Cafe Chair£77.98

Flex Skid-Base Stacking Chair

Flex Skid-Base Stacking Chair£79.11

Roma Wooden Cafe Chair

Roma Wooden Cafe Chair£79.11

Porto Indoor / Outdoor Stacking Chair

Porto Indoor / Outdoor Stacking Chair£79.74

''Cafe II'' Wooden Cafe Chair 24H

"Cafe II" Wooden Cafe Chair 24H£79.99

''Cafe IV'' Wooden Cafe Chair 24H

"Cafe IV" Wooden Cafe Chair 24H£79.99

''Cafe VII'' Wooden Cafe Chair 24H

"Cafe VII" Wooden Cafe Chair 24H£79.99

Oakham Faux Leather Diner Chair

Oakham Faux Leather Diner Chair£79.99

Prisma Outdoor Stacking Chair

Prisma Outdoor Stacking Chair£79.99

Leaf 4 Leg Stacking Chair

Leaf 4 Leg Stacking Chair£80.24

Mariquita Skid Base Stacking Chair

Mariquita Skid Base Stacking Chair£80.99

Mariquita Stacking Chair

Mariquita Stacking Chair£80.99

Flex 4-Leg Stacking Chair

Flex 4-Leg Stacking Chair£81.38

Leaf Skid-Base Stacking Chair

Leaf Skid-Base Stacking Chair£83.13

Net Plastic Dining Chair - Wooden-4-Leg

Net Plastic Dining Chair - Wooden-4-Leg£83.64

''Redhot'' 4 Leg Cafe Stool

"Redhot" 4 Leg Cafe Stool£83.99

Hoxton 4 Leg Stacking Chair

Hoxton 4 Leg Stacking Chair£84.26

Alhambra Stool

Alhambra Stool£84.99  -  £93.99

Shoreditch 4 Leg Stacking Chair

Shoreditch 4 Leg Stacking Chair£85.90

Alhambra NA Cafe Chair

Alhambra NA Cafe Chair£85.99  -  £101.99

Hoxton Skid-Base Stacking Chair

Hoxton Skid-Base Stacking Chair£86.52

Hoxton Wooden 4 Leg Chair

Hoxton Wooden 4 Leg Chair£86.52

Hoxton Wooden 4 Leg Chair

Hoxton Wooden 4 Leg Chair£86.52

Luna Stacking Chair - Wooden 4-Leg

Luna Stacking Chair - Wooden 4-Leg£86.52

NUKE Indoor / Outdoor Leisure Armchair

NUKE Indoor / Outdoor Leisure Armchair£86.99

RC8 Consort Stacking Banquet Chair

RC8 Consort Stacking Banquet Chair£86.99

Vivid 4-Leg Stacking Plastic Chair

Vivid 4-Leg Stacking Plastic Chair£87.03

Fondo Plastic Cafe Chair 24H

Fondo Plastic Cafe Chair 24H£87.99

Picasso Cafe Chair - Walnut 24H

Picasso Cafe Chair - Walnut 24H£90.00   £88.44

Shoreditch 4-Leg Chair - Beech Frame

Shoreditch 4-Leg Chair - Beech Frame£88.78

Shoreditch 4-Leg Chair - Black Frame

Shoreditch 4-Leg Chair - Black Frame£88.78

Moreton Faux Leather Dining Chair

Moreton Faux Leather Dining Chair£109.65

Tulipan Hocker Padded Bar Stool 24H

Tulipan Hocker Padded Bar Stool 24H£88.99

Tulipan Hocker Wooden Bar Stool 24H

Tulipan Hocker Wooden Bar Stool 24H£88.99

Shoreditch Skid-Base Stacking Chair

Shoreditch Skid-Base Stacking Chair£89.29

Vivid 4-Leg Plastic Chair

Vivid 4-Leg Plastic Chair£89.29

Heston Wooden High Stool

Heston Wooden High Stool£89.91

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Page 1 of 3:    175 Items
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