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Commercial Outdoor Furniture

Kirkhouse outdoor chair range includes quick delivery and made to order options suitable for a variety of outdoor applications.

Our best weather proof or weather resistant chairs are of anodised aluminium, 100% Polyester EPC or UV stabilised plastics.

Ideal for outdoor cafe, restaurant and bar seating, Kirkhouse exterior commercial chair range is complimented by our outdoor commercial tables range.

You can buy commercial outdoor chairs via our website or contact Kirkhouse with any queries.

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Morph Plastic Folding Chair 24H

Morph Plastic Folding Chair 24H£91.00   £64.94

Faro Plastic Armchair

Faro Plastic Armchair£68.93

Casalino Jr. Stacking Chair

Casalino Jr. Stacking Chair£72.99  -  £77.99

Casalino Plastic Stacking Stool

Casalino Plastic Stacking Stool£66.99  -  £72.99

Graphic All Metal Indoor / Outdoor Stool

Graphic All Metal Indoor / Outdoor Stool£94.24  -  £147.25

Maya Outdoor Chair

Maya Outdoor Chair£94.38

Sky Outdoor Armchair

Sky Outdoor Armchair£94.38

Woven Wicker Outdoor Lounge Chair

Woven Wicker Outdoor Lounge Chair£95.69  -  £101.19

Plaza Outdoor Cafe Chair 24H

Plaza Outdoor Cafe Chair 24H£138.00   £96.09

Monna Outdoor Chair

Monna Outdoor Chair£96.80

Peak Outdoor Armchair

Peak Outdoor Armchair£100.43

Lisa Outdoor Armchair

Lisa Outdoor Armchair£101.64

Snow Outdoor Chair

Snow Outdoor Chair£102.85

Spring Outdoor Chair

Spring Outdoor Chair£102.85

Ares Slat Outdoor Chair

Ares Slat Outdoor Chair£106.48  -  £108.90

Mila Outdoor Armchair

Mila Outdoor Armchair£107.69

Spring Outdoor Armchair

Spring Outdoor Armchair£113.74

Rock Outdoor Chair

Rock Outdoor Chair£121.00

Spice Outdoor Bar Stool

Spice Outdoor Bar Stool£125.84

STREET Outdoor Chair

STREET Outdoor Chair£129.47  -  £145.20

Alu Bamboo Indoor / Outdoor Café Chair

Alu Bamboo Indoor / Outdoor Café Chair£130.68  -  £136.73

BLOCK Wood on Steel Outdoor Stool

BLOCK Wood on Steel Outdoor Stool£136.73  -  £166.98

Eclipse Wicker Weave Outdoor Chair

Eclipse Wicker Weave Outdoor Chair£136.73  -  £146.41

Spring Outdoor Bar Stool

Spring Outdoor Bar Stool£136.73  -  £139.15

Quin Outdoor Café Chair

Quin Outdoor Café Chair£151.25

Arch Outdoor Folding Chair

Arch Outdoor Folding Chair£162.14  -  £189.97

Bloom Outdoor Chair

Bloom Outdoor Chair£162.14

Spindle Aluminium Outdoor Chair

Spindle Aluminium Outdoor Chair£162.14  -  £186.95

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Page 1 of 2:    100 Items
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