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Commercial Dining Tables

Furnishing cafes, bars and restaurants throughout the UK, this category comprises commercial tables that will perform for decades in your dining area.

Available in a vast range of styles to suit your space, we provide low cost tables particularly suited where table cloths are used and high-end pedestal tables where accessibility and style are critical.

Kirkhouse additionally offer an extensive range of pedestal table bases and frames to match Kirkhouse table tops for dining area projects.

You can buy bar & restaurant tables via our website or contact Kirkhouse with any queries.

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Premium Square Table

Premium Square Table£62.04  -  £99.15

Premium Rectangular Table

Premium Rectangular Table£70.72  -  £138.89

Premium Half-Round Table

Premium Half-Round Table£73.94

Premium 32 Square Table

Premium 32 Square Table£79.66  -  £124.99

Premium Round Table

Premium Round Table£83.92  -  £121.21

Premium 32 Rectangular Table

Premium 32 Rectangular Table£90.76  -  £243.36

Premium 32 Half-Round Meeting Table

Premium 32 Half-Round Meeting Table£92.67  -  £168.95

Advanced Premium Cantilever Table

Advanced Premium Cantilever Table£84.99  -  £119.87

Premium 32 Wedge Table

Premium 32 Wedge Table£107.60  -  £136.91

Premium 32 Triangular Table

Premium 32 Triangular Table£122.42  -  £145.89

Enviro Rectangular Dining Table

Enviro Rectangular Dining Table£132.21  -  £167.77

''Lena'' Round Dining Table

"Lena" Round Dining Table£134.99  -  £142.99

Premium 32 Round Table

Premium 32 Round Table£132.70  -  £148.50

Enviro Dining Table Round

Enviro Dining Table Round£145.49  -  £178.38

Fully-Welded Slide-Stacking Table

Fully-Welded Slide-Stacking Table£107.99  -  £194.99

Advanced H-Frame Table

Advanced H-Frame Table£168.59  -  £299.16

Simply Cafe Table + Metal Top

Simply Cafe Table + Metal Top£182.99  -  £274.99

Premium 32 Curve Table

Premium 32 Curve Table£184.97

Premium Bistro Pillar Base Table

Premium Bistro Pillar Base Table£201.95  -  £228.78

Premium 32 H-Frame Table

Premium 32 H-Frame Table£188.10  -  £265.73

Premium Round Bistro Table

Premium Round Bistro Table£225.20  -  £264.55

Core Heavy-Duty Social Tables

Core Heavy-Duty Social Tables£254.99  -  £373.99

Leg04 Indoor Square Table

Leg04 Indoor Square Table£261.32

Centre Square Pedestal Table

Centre Square Pedestal Table£356.99  -  £422.99

Centre Round Pedestal Table

Centre Round Pedestal Table£389.99  -  £626.99

''B-305 Line'' Wooden Conference Table

"B-305 Line" Wooden Conference Table£413.99  -  £859.99

B-54R Round Pedestal Table

B-54R Round Pedestal Table£376.99  -  £647.99

''B-53R'' Round Pedestal Table

"B-53R" Round Pedestal Table£431.99  -  £456.99

''B-100'' Square Wooden Table

"B-100" Square Wooden Table£437.99  -  £564.99

''B-113R'' Round Wooden Conference Table

"B-113R" Round Wooden Conference Table£451.99  -  £542.99

''B-323'' Wooden Conference Table

"B-323" Wooden Conference Table£437.99  -  £751.99

''B-323R'' Round Wooden Conference Table

"B-323R" Round Wooden Conference Table£474.99  -  £861.99

B-54 Square Pedestal Table

B-54 Square Pedestal Table£431.99  -  £535.99

''B-100'' Rectangular Wooden Table

"B-100" Rectangular Wooden Table£527.99  -  £1,123.99

''B-14R'' Round Wooden Conference Table

"B-14R" Round Wooden Conference Table£581.99  -  £1,048.99

Barcino Indoor / Outdoor Pedestal Cafe Table

Barcino Indoor / Outdoor Pedestal Cafe Table£519.50  -  £675.18

''B-310'' Folding Wooden Conference Table

"B-310" Folding Wooden Conference Table£602.99  -  £906.99

''B-110'' Wooden Conference Table

"B-110" Wooden Conference Table£645.99  -  £1,300.99

''B-316'' Wooden Meeting Table

"B-316" Wooden Meeting Table£657.99  -  £1,009.99

''B-318'' Wooden Meeting Table Range

"B-318" Wooden Meeting Table Range£663.99  -  £2,162.99

Centre Rectangular Pedestal Table

Centre Rectangular Pedestal Table£664.99  -  £790.99

''B-114R'' Round Wooden Conference Table

"B-114R" Round Wooden Conference Table£735.99  -  £883.99

''B-305R Line'' Round Wooden Conference Table

"B-305R Line" Round Wooden Conference Table£745.99  -  £968.99

''B-100L'' Large Wooden Conference Table

"B-100L" Large Wooden Conference Table£718.99  -  £1,286.99

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Page 1 of 2:    81 Items
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