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Commercial Stacking Tables

Kirkhouse stacking tables offer the strength & stability of a rigid table, with the benefit of space saving.

Stacking tables may slide-on-stack or spiral-stack, depending on the design.  Slide-on-stacking tables require the frame to partially protrude from the table top.  Spiral-stacking tables allow the frame to be more conveniently positioned within the top.

We regularly supply stacking tables to schools, colleges, universities and community groups such as village halls and community centres.

You can buy commercial stacking tables via our website or contact Kirkhouse with any queries.

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Grade™ Square Classroom Desk

Grade™ Square Classroom Desk£47.99

Grade™ Square Classroom Desk + PU Edge

Grade™ Square Classroom Desk + PU Edge£46.99  -  £47.99

Premium Heavy-Duty Cantilever Table

Premium Heavy-Duty Cantilever Table£57.99

Premium Nesting Exam Table

Premium Nesting Exam Table£57.99

Premium Square Table

Premium Square Table£59.99  -  £93.99

Slide-Stacking Square Table

Slide-Stacking Square Table£59.99

Grade™ Rectangular Classroom Desk

Grade™ Rectangular Classroom Desk£68.72

Premium Rectangular Table

Premium Rectangular Table£68.99  -  £130.99

Slide-Stacking Rectangular Table

Slide-Stacking Rectangular Table£68.99

Slide-Stacking Trapezoidal Table

Slide-Stacking Trapezoidal Table£71.99

Premium ř32 Square Table

Premium ř32 Square Table£114.99  -  £124.99

Fully-Welded Slide-Stacking Table

Fully-Welded Slide-Stacking Table£107.99  -  £194.99

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Page 1 of 1:    12 Items
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