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Commercial Folding Tables

This highly adaptable range of tables is suitable for a very wide range of applications.

Our Mogo & Lifetime folding table brands are extremely versatile, strong and durable; with few options they are also the cheapest folding tables in this range.

Lightweight folding tables include the Gopak folding table range and Easylift system.  Lightweight folding tables for Village Halls & Community Centres are available with numerous options including table size and finish.

We also offer a range of high-end solutions for corporate use, where budgets allow for extreme stability and quality in a compact folding or tilting table. 

You can buy commercial folding tables via our website or contact Kirkhouse with any queries.

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Folding Exam Desk

Folding Exam Desk£20.30

Small Folding Exam Desk

Small Folding Exam Desk£34.42   £20.30

Premium Safety Folding Exam Desk

Premium Safety Folding Exam Desk£39.71   £23.43

Premium Folding Exam Desk

Premium Folding Exam Desk£42.99

Zown Rectangular Folding Table

Zown Rectangular Folding Table£46.99  -  £55.99

Zown Square Folding Table

Zown Square Folding Table£48.99

Zown Round Folding Table

Zown Round Folding Table£68.99  -  £93.99

Basics Centre-Folding Table Table

Basics Centre-Folding Table Table£71.99

Zown Height-Adjustable Folding Table

Zown Height-Adjustable Folding Table£73.99

Basics Folding Table

Basics Folding Table£78.99

Banquet Rectangular Folding Trestle Table

Banquet Rectangular Folding Trestle Table£90.99  -  £96.99

Zown Classic Centre-Fold Folding Table

Zown Classic Centre-Fold Folding Table£92.99

Gopak Economy Folding Table

Gopak Economy Folding Table£67.99  -  £101.99

Rico Folding Meeting Table 24H

Rico Folding Meeting Table 24H£109.99  -  £122.99

Gopak Games Folding Table + Baize Top

Gopak Games Folding Table + Baize Top£110.99

Morph Rectangular Folding Table 24H

Morph Rectangular Folding Table 24H£167.00   £121.44

Gopak Contour25 Folding Table

Gopak Contour25 Folding Table£82.99  -  £124.99

Gopak Contour25 Plus Folding Table

Gopak Contour25 Plus Folding Table£84.99  -  £124.99

Gopak Tub Folding Table

Gopak Tub Folding Table£124.99  -  £157.99

Mogo Premium Round Poly-Folding Table

Mogo Premium Round Poly-Folding Table£126.99  -  £151.99

WFU Rectangular Folding Utility Table

WFU Rectangular Folding Utility Table£147.99  -  £173.99

WFU Round Folding Utility Table

WFU Round Folding Utility Table£149.99  -  £238.99

Banquet Round Folding Trestle Table

Banquet Round Folding Trestle Table£153.99

Gopak Ali Topped Folding Table

Gopak Ali Topped Folding Table£166.99

Gopak Universal Heavy-Duty Folding Table

Gopak Universal Heavy-Duty Folding Table£113.99  -  £167.99

Gopak Playtime Folding Table

Gopak Playtime Folding Table£168.99

WFU Half-Round Folding Utility Table

WFU Half-Round Folding Utility Table£170.99  -  £185.99

Gopak Premier Folding Conference Table

Gopak Premier Folding Conference Table£111.99  -  £181.99

Easylift Lightweight Half-Round Folding Table

Easylift Lightweight Half-Round Folding Table£214.99  -  £249.99

Gopak Round Folding Table

Gopak Round Folding Table£217.99  -  £253.99

Easylift Lightweight Round Folding Table

Easylift Lightweight Round Folding Table£219.99  -  £369.99

Gopak Vantage Heavy-Duty Folding Table

Gopak Vantage Heavy-Duty Folding Table£147.99  -  £220.99

Easylift Lightweight Rectangular Folding Table

Easylift Lightweight Rectangular Folding Table£160.99  -  £269.99

Folding Conference Table - Rectangular

Folding Conference Table - Rectangular£227.99  -  £258.99

Folding Conference Table - Semi Circular

Folding Conference Table - Semi Circular£248.99

Folding Conference Table - Trapezoidal

Folding Conference Table - Trapezoidal£248.99

Easylift 2 Lightweight Rectangular Folding Table

Easylift 2 Lightweight Rectangular Folding Table£246.99  -  £252.99

Economy Flip-Top Table

Economy Flip-Top Table£267.99  -  £304.99

Tilt Top Conference Table - Rectangular

Tilt Top Conference Table - Rectangular£280.99

Premium Rectangular Folding Table

Premium Rectangular Folding Table£304.99  -  £396.99

Flip-Top Table System

Flip-Top Table System£260.99  -  £314.99

''FLIB'' D-End Tilt-Top Meeting Table

"FLIB" D-End Tilt-Top Meeting Table£311.99

Lightweight Executive Rectangular Folding Table

Lightweight Executive Rectangular Folding Table£267.99  -  £315.99

Premium Flip-Top Table

Premium Flip-Top Table£322.99  -  £359.99

Lightweight Executive Half-Round Folding Table

Lightweight Executive Half-Round Folding Table£346.80   £328.99

Elite Flip Top Table

Elite Flip Top Table£292.99  -  £353.99

Tilt Top Conference Table - Rectangular 24h

Tilt Top Conference Table - Rectangular 24h£312.99  -  £341.99

Tilt Top Conference Table - Trapezoidal

Tilt Top Conference Table - Trapezoidal£331.99

Lightweight Executive Trapezoidal Folding Table

Lightweight Executive Trapezoidal Folding Table£357.00   £338.99

FN Heavy-Duty Folding Banquet Table

FN Heavy-Duty Folding Banquet Table£360.99  -  £424.99

R Heavy-Duty Round Folding Banquet Table

R Heavy-Duty Round Folding Banquet Table£386.99  -  £591.99

Easylift Lightweight Oval Boardroom Folding Table

Easylift Lightweight Oval Boardroom Folding Table£419.24   £396.99

Premier Tilting Table - Frame & Mechanism Only

Premier Tilting Table - Frame & Mechanism Only£429.99  -  £497.99

Lightweight Executive 'Boat' Folding Table

Lightweight Executive 'Boat' Folding Table£437.99  -  £449.99

Lightweight Executive 'Lozenge' Folding Table

Lightweight Executive 'Lozenge' Folding Table£437.99  -  £449.99

Lacrosse I Rectangular Folding Table

Lacrosse I Rectangular Folding Table£521.99  -  £601.99

Lacrosse I Square Folding Table

Lacrosse I Square Folding Table£546.99

Lacrosse I Trapezoidal Folding Table

Lacrosse I Trapezoidal Folding Table£584.99

Lacrosse I Round Folding Table

Lacrosse I Round Folding Table£612.99  -  £818.99

Lacrosse III Folding Conference Table

Lacrosse III Folding Conference Table£606.99  -  £657.99

Lacrosse I Half-Round Folding Table

Lacrosse I Half-Round Folding Table£616.99

Lacrosse V Folding Table

Lacrosse V Folding Table£617.99  -  £700.99

''B-310'' Folding Wooden Conference Table

"B-310" Folding Wooden Conference Table£602.99  -  £906.99

Lacrosse II Folding Table

Lacrosse II Folding Table£558.99  -  £862.99

Lacrosse IV Folding Conference Table

Lacrosse IV Folding Conference Table£658.99  -  £707.99

Lacrosse VI Folding Table

Lacrosse VI Folding Table£674.99  -  £719.99

''B-310HR'' Half-Round Folding Wooden Conference Table

"B-310HR" Half-Round Folding Wooden Conference Table£826.99  -  £989.99

''B-310R'' Round Folding Wooden Conference Table

"B-310R" Round Folding Wooden Conference Table£862.99  -  £1,164.99

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