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Conference Tables

Comprising sturdy tables suitable for meetings, conferences and functions.

Featuring rigid table frames of fully-welded steel for strength & durability, the range is versatile and adaptable with various table configurations and finishes.

Conference table surfaces are typically finished in either Melamine or Laminate, both providing a scratch resistant surface with Laminate also offering impact resistance.

You can buy conference tables via our website or contact Kirkhouse with any queries.

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Premium Square Table

Premium Square Table£59.99  -  £93.99

Slide-Stacking Square Table

Slide-Stacking Square Table£59.99

Premium Rectangular Table

Premium Rectangular Table£68.99  -  £130.99

Slide-Stacking Rectangular Table

Slide-Stacking Rectangular Table£68.99

Premium Half-Round Table

Premium Half-Round Table£71.99

Premium Trapezoidal Table

Premium Trapezoidal Table£71.99

Slide-Stacking Trapezoidal Table

Slide-Stacking Trapezoidal Table£71.99

Premium Chunky 'Z' Frame Table

Premium Chunky 'Z' Frame Table£91.99  -  £112.99

Premium Chunky Cantilever Table

Premium Chunky Cantilever Table£84.99  -  £112.99

Premium 32 Rectangular Table

Premium 32 Rectangular Table£91.99  -  £241.99

Premium 32 Half-Round Meeting Table

Premium 32 Half-Round Meeting Table£93.99  -  £168.99

Premium 32 Trapezoidal Meeting Table

Premium 32 Trapezoidal Meeting Table£93.99

Premium 32 Wedge Table

Premium 32 Wedge Table£103.99  -  £130.99

Rico Folding Meeting Table 24H

Rico Folding Meeting Table 24H£109.99  -  £122.99

Multipurpose Rectangular Table 24H

Multipurpose Rectangular Table 24H£110.88  -  £129.99

Premium 32 Square Table

Premium 32 Square Table£114.99  -  £124.99

Premium 32 Triangular Table

Premium 32 Triangular Table£117.99  -  £138.99

Rectangular Meeting Table - Square Legs

Rectangular Meeting Table - Square Legs£120.99  -  £174.99

Premium Round Table

Premium Round Table£123.99  -  £158.99

Rectangular Meeting Table - I-Frame

Rectangular Meeting Table - I-Frame£132.99  -  £227.99

Premium 32 Round Table

Premium 32 Round Table£132.99  -  £149.99

Impulse Round Meeting Table

Impulse Round Meeting Table£140.99  -  £147.99

Multipurpose Semi-Circular Table

Multipurpose Semi-Circular Table£137.28  -  £151.99

Multipurpose Trapezoidal Table

Multipurpose Trapezoidal Table£139.99  -  £155.32

Rectangular Meeting Table - Round Legs

Rectangular Meeting Table - Round Legs£151.99  -  £232.99

Premium H-Frame Table

Premium H-Frame Table£157.99  -  £273.99

Premium 32 Curve Table

Premium 32 Curve Table£176.99

Trapezoidal Meeting Table

Trapezoidal Meeting Table£177.99

Fully-Welded Slide-Stacking Table

Fully-Welded Slide-Stacking Table£107.99  -  £194.99

Round Meeting Table - Square Legs

Round Meeting Table - Square Legs£180.99

Gopak Premier Folding Conference Table

Gopak Premier Folding Conference Table£111.99  -  £181.99

Premium 32 H-Frame Table

Premium 32 H-Frame Table£173.99  -  £245.99

D-End Meeting Table - Round Legs

D-End Meeting Table - Round Legs£193.99  -  £200.99

White Rectangular Boardroom Table

White Rectangular Boardroom Table£210.99

Gopak Vantage Heavy-Duty Folding Table

Gopak Vantage Heavy-Duty Folding Table£147.99  -  £220.99

Class Stacking Desk

Class Stacking Desk£253.99  -  £409.99

Core Heavy-Duty Social Tables

Core Heavy-Duty Social Tables£254.99  -  £373.99

White Cicular Meeting Table

White Cicular Meeting Table£263.99

Economy Flip-Top Table

Economy Flip-Top Table£267.99  -  £304.99

Tilt Top Conference Table - Rectangular

Tilt Top Conference Table - Rectangular£280.99

Round Meeting Table - Round Legs

Round Meeting Table - Round Legs£284.99  -  £311.99

Round Meeting Table - Column Base

Round Meeting Table - Column Base£299.99  -  £325.99

Premium Rectangular Folding Table

Premium Rectangular Folding Table£304.99  -  £396.99

''FLIB'' D-End Tilt-Top Meeting Table

"FLIB" D-End Tilt-Top Meeting Table£311.99

Premium Flip-Top Table

Premium Flip-Top Table£322.99  -  £359.99

''B-305 Line'' Wooden Conference Table

"B-305 Line" Wooden Conference Table£413.99  -  £859.99

Spire Round Meeting Table

Spire Round Meeting Table£430.99  -  £792.99

''B-100'' Square Wooden Table

"B-100" Square Wooden Table£437.99  -  £564.99

''B-113R'' Round Wooden Conference Table

"B-113R" Round Wooden Conference Table£451.99  -  £542.99

Spire Square Meeting Table

Spire Square Meeting Table£452.99  -  £590.99

Spire Rectangular Meeting Table

Spire Rectangular Meeting Table£460.99  -  £2,448.99

''B-323'' Wooden Conference Table

"B-323" Wooden Conference Table£437.99  -  £751.99

''B-323R'' Round Wooden Conference Table

"B-323R" Round Wooden Conference Table£474.99  -  £861.99

Temo III-IV Circular Table

Temo III-IV Circular Table£457.99  -  £819.99

Barrel Boardroom / Meeting Table + Wooden Modesty

Barrel Boardroom / Meeting Table + Wooden Modesty£479.99  -  £554.99

Oval Boardroom / Meeting Table + Wooden Modesty

Oval Boardroom / Meeting Table + Wooden Modesty£496.99  -  £571.99

Spire Oval Meeting Table

Spire Oval Meeting Table£505.99  -  £1,453.99

Lacrosse I Rectangular Folding Table

Lacrosse I Rectangular Folding Table£521.99  -  £601.99

''B-100'' Rectangular Wooden Table

"B-100" Rectangular Wooden Table£527.99  -  £1,123.99

Barrel Boardroom / Meeting Table + Metal Modesty

Barrel Boardroom / Meeting Table + Metal Modesty£535.99  -  £618.99

Lacrosse I Square Folding Table

Lacrosse I Square Folding Table£546.99

''B-52'' Twin Pedestal Conference Table

"B-52" Twin Pedestal Conference Table£575.99  -  £739.99

Lacrosse I Trapezoidal Folding Table

Lacrosse I Trapezoidal Folding Table£584.99

White Oval Shaped Boardroom Table

White Oval Shaped Boardroom Table£598.99

Lacrosse I Round Folding Table

Lacrosse I Round Folding Table£612.99  -  £818.99

Lacrosse III Folding Conference Table

Lacrosse III Folding Conference Table£606.99  -  £657.99

Lacrosse I Half-Round Folding Table

Lacrosse I Half-Round Folding Table£616.99

Lacrosse V Folding Table

Lacrosse V Folding Table£617.99  -  £700.99

''B-310'' Folding Wooden Conference Table

"B-310" Folding Wooden Conference Table£602.99  -  £906.99

''B-110'' Wooden Conference Table

"B-110" Wooden Conference Table£645.99  -  £1,300.99

Lacrosse II Folding Table

Lacrosse II Folding Table£558.99  -  £862.99

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