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Conference Tables

Comprising sturdy tables suitable for meetings, conferences and functions.

Featuring rigid table frames of fully-welded steel for strength & durability, the range is versatile and adaptable with various table configurations and finishes.

Conference table surfaces are typically finished in either Melamine or Laminate, both providing a scratch resistant surface with Laminate also offering impact resistance.

You can buy conference tables via our website or contact Kirkhouse with any queries.

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''B-316'' Wooden Meeting Table

"B-316" Wooden Meeting Table

''B-520'' Boardroom Table

"B-520" Boardroom Table

B-306 I-Frame Wooden Folding Table

B-306 I-Frame Wooden Folding Table

Volume Saving from 3+ units
Lacrosse III Folding Conference Table

Lacrosse III Folding Conference Table

Premium Saving from 20+ units
Lacrosse IV Folding Conference Table

Lacrosse IV Folding Conference Table

Premium Saving from 20+ units
Premier Tilting Table

Premier Tilting Table

Rectangular Meeting Table

Rectangular Meeting Table

Premium Square Table

Premium Square Table£38.99  -  £63.99

Slide-Stacking Square Table

Slide-Stacking Square Table£38.99

Premium Rectangular Table

Premium Rectangular Table£44.99  -  £89.99

Slide-Stacking Rectangular Table

Slide-Stacking Rectangular Table£44.99

Premium Half-Round Table

Premium Half-Round Table£46.99

Premium Trapezoidal Table

Premium Trapezoidal Table£46.99

Slide-Stacking Trapezoidal Table

Slide-Stacking Trapezoidal Table£46.99

Premium Round Table

Premium Round Table£53.99  -  £79.99

Premium 32 Square Table

Premium 32 Square Table£53.99  -  £64.99

Premium Chunky 'Z' Frame Table

Premium Chunky 'Z' Frame Table£62.99  -  £77.99

Premium Chunky Cantilever Table

Premium Chunky Cantilever Table£62.99  -  £77.99

Premium 32 Rectangular Table

Premium 32 Rectangular Table£62.99  -  £173.99

Premium 32 Half-Round Meeting Table

Premium 32 Half-Round Meeting Table£63.99  -  £119.99

Premium 32 Trapezoidal Meeting Table

Premium 32 Trapezoidal Meeting Table£63.99

Rectangular Meeting Table - Square Legs

Rectangular Meeting Table - Square Legs£66.99  -  £113.99

Premium 32 Wedge Table

Premium 32 Wedge Table£71.99  -  £91.99

Premium 32 Triangular Table

Premium 32 Triangular Table£81.99  -  £97.99

Multipurpose Rectangular Table

Multipurpose Rectangular Table£81.99  -  £94.99

Rico Folding Meeting Table 24H

Rico Folding Meeting Table 24H£88.99  -  £98.99

Premium 32 Round Table

Premium 32 Round Table£94.99  -  £104.99

Round Meeting Table - Square Legs

Round Meeting Table - Square Legs£117.99

Premium H-Frame Table

Premium H-Frame Table£111.99  -  £196.99

Rectangular Meeting Table - I-Frame

Rectangular Meeting Table - I-Frame£122.99  -  £199.99

Premium 32 Curve Table

Premium 32 Curve Table£124.99

D-End Meeting Table - Round Legs

D-End Meeting Table - Round Legs£126.99  -  £136.99

Premium 32 H-Frame Table

Premium 32 H-Frame Table£124.99  -  £177.99

Multipurpose Semi-Circular Table

Multipurpose Semi-Circular Table£128.99  -  £139.99

Multipurpose Trapezoidal Table

Multipurpose Trapezoidal Table£128.99  -  £139.99

Rectangular Meeting Table - Round Legs

Rectangular Meeting Table - Round Legs£139.99  -  £162.99

Gopak Premier Folding Conference Table

Gopak Premier Folding Conference Table£96.99  -  £156.99

Trapezoidal Meeting Table

Trapezoidal Meeting Table£163.99

Fully-Welded Slide-Stacking Table

Fully-Welded Slide-Stacking Table£99.99  -  £179.99

White Rectangular Boardroom Table

White Rectangular Boardroom Table£180.99

Gopak Vantage Heavy-Duty Folding Table

Gopak Vantage Heavy-Duty Folding Table£127.99  -  £190.99

Economy Flip-Top Table

Economy Flip-Top Table£192.99  -  £219.99

Round Meeting Table - Round Legs

Round Meeting Table - Round Legs£199.99

Premium Rectangular Folding Table

Premium Rectangular Folding Table£206.56  -  £265.25

Core Heavy-Duty Social Tables

Core Heavy-Duty Social Tables£212.99  -  £312.99

White Cicular Meeting Table

White Cicular Meeting Table£222.99

Round Meeting Table - Column Base

Round Meeting Table - Column Base£228.99

Premium Flip-Top Table

Premium Flip-Top Table£231.99  -  £259.99

Class Stacking Desk

Class Stacking Desk£234.99  -  £378.99

''FLIB'' D-End Tilt-Top Meeting Table 24H

"FLIB" D-End Tilt-Top Meeting Table 24H£242.99

''B-100'' Square Wooden Table

"B-100" Square Wooden Table£256.99  -  £334.99

''B-100'' Rectangular Wooden Table

"B-100" Rectangular Wooden Table£309.99  -  £536.99

Spire Round Meeting Table

Spire Round Meeting Table£315.99  -  £451.99

Spire Square Meeting Table

Spire Square Meeting Table£330.99  -  £431.99

Spire Rectangular Meeting Table

Spire Rectangular Meeting Table£336.99  -  £1,785.99

Barrel Boardroom / Meeting Table + Wooden Modesty

Barrel Boardroom / Meeting Table + Wooden Modesty£366.99  -  £431.99

Spire Oval Meeting Table

Spire Oval Meeting Table£369.99  -  £1,060.99

Oval Boardroom / Meeting Table + Wooden Modesty

Oval Boardroom / Meeting Table + Wooden Modesty£379.99  -  £446.99

''B-110'' Wooden Conference Table

"B-110" Wooden Conference Table£380.99  -  £765.99

''B-310'' Folding Wooden Conference Table

"B-310" Folding Wooden Conference Table£375.99  -  £564.99

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Page 1 of 2:    92 Items
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