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Commercial Wooden Tables

Our contract quality wooden tables are available in a wide range of styles, from traditional British designs to high-end Scandinavian options.

Wooden tables often compliment our clients space, particularly where timber furniture is in wider use.  Our timber frame tables are typically of Beech, Birch, Ash or Oak with many available with staining options.

Timber is sourced from certified, renewable forestry, this category comprises environmentally sound tables many of which are also highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications from coffee tables to boardroom tables.

You can buy commercial wooden tables via our website or contact Kirkhouse with any queries.

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''B-316'' Wooden Meeting Table

"B-316" Wooden Meeting Table

''B-100'' Square Wooden Table

"B-100" Square Wooden Table£256.99  -  £334.99

ONE Wooden Meeting Table 24H

ONE Wooden Meeting Table 24H£241.99  -  £312.99

''B-14'' Wooden Conference Table

"B-14" Wooden Conference Table£292.99  -  £473.99

''B-100'' Rectangular Wooden Table

"B-100" Rectangular Wooden Table£309.99  -  £536.99

''B-110'' Wooden Conference Table

"B-110" Wooden Conference Table£380.99  -  £765.99

''B-310'' Folding Wooden Conference Table

"B-310" Folding Wooden Conference Table£375.99  -  £564.99

''B-113R'' Round Wooden Conference Table

"B-113R" Round Wooden Conference Table£431.99  -  £520.99

''B-100L'' Large Wooden Conference Table

"B-100L" Large Wooden Conference Table£391.99  -  £725.99

''B-100LR'' Large Round Wooden Conference Table

"B-100LR" Large Round Wooden Conference Table£463.99  -  £800.99

''B-114R'' Round Wooden Conference Table

"B-114R" Round Wooden Conference Table£508.99  -  £617.99

''B-310HR'' Half-Round Folding Wooden Conference Table

"B-310HR" Half-Round Folding Wooden Conference Table£515.99  -  £616.99

''B-310R'' Round Folding Wooden Conference Table

"B-310R" Round Folding Wooden Conference Table£538.99  -  £726.99

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Page 1 of 1:    26 Items
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