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Gopak Fastfold Tool

Gopak Fastfold Tool

Gopak Fastfold Tool Holder

Gopak Fastfold Tool Holder£3.75   £4.99

Gopak Big Foot Set

Gopak Big Foot Set£5.00   £5.99

FLIB Block Connector 24H

FLIB Block Connector 24H£12.99

Enviro Outdoor Security Fittings

Enviro Outdoor Security Fittings£17.99

Gopak Folding Table - Replacement Legs

Gopak Folding Table - Replacement Legs£30.99  -  £41.99

Premium Square Table - Frame Only

Premium Square Table - Frame Only£30.99  -  £55.99

Elite Linking Mechanism

Elite Linking Mechanism£32.99

Executive Folding Table Link Mechanism

Executive Folding Table Link Mechanism£33.99

C6 Universal CPU Holder

C6 Universal CPU Holder£49.99

Desk Trinket Pot

Desk Trinket Pot£25.00   £53.99

Metal Pen Tray

Metal Pen Tray£25.00   £53.99

Phone Holder

Phone Holder£25.00   £53.99

Duty Standard Office Desk Screen

Duty Standard Office Desk Screen£54.99  -  £63.99

Standard Office Desk Screen

Standard Office Desk Screen£54.99  -  £106.99

A4 Metal Paper Tray

A4 Metal Paper Tray£30.00   £55.99

C4 Mini CPU Holder

C4 Mini CPU Holder£56.99

Wire Mesh Cable Tray

Wire Mesh Cable Tray£59.85  -  £84.99

C2 Large CPU Holder

C2 Large CPU Holder£59.99

DutyStandard Office Desk Screen (supporting pedestal frame)

DutyStandard Office Desk Screen (supporting pedestal frame)£60.99  -  £63.99

Fabric Desktop Screen + Aluminium End Posts

Fabric Desktop Screen + Aluminium End Posts£59.99  -  £92.99

Gopak Bench Skate Set

Gopak Bench Skate Set£73.67   £66.99

''FLIB'' Corner Connector 24H

"FLIB" Corner Connector 24H£67.99

Vertical Cable Manager

Vertical Cable Manager£69.09

Cable Spine (1 per box)

Cable Spine (1 per box)£71.99

C3 Large CPU Holder

C3 Large CPU Holder£74.99

Cable Trunking

Cable Trunking£89.43   £81.99

Duty Executive Office Desk Screen

Duty Executive Office Desk Screen£85.99  -  £149.99

Executive Folding Table - Modesty Panel

Executive Folding Table - Modesty Panel£91.99  -  £97.99

Kardo Single Monitor Arm

Kardo Single Monitor Arm£98.99

Premium H-Frame Table - Frame Only

Premium H-Frame Table - Frame Only£96.99  -  £181.99

Take-Off Collapsible Table System

Take-Off Collapsible Table System£119.99

Executive Folding Table Conference Link

Executive Folding Table Conference Link£124.99  -  £127.99

Lacrosse Modesty Panel

Lacrosse Modesty Panel£129.99  -  £209.99

Exam Desk Trolley (fully-welded)

Exam Desk Trolley (fully-welded)£131.99

Horizontal 40 Exam Desk Storage Trolley

Horizontal 40 Exam Desk Storage Trolley£238.53   £138.99

Upright 25 Exam Desk Storage Trolley

Upright 25 Exam Desk Storage Trolley£238.53   £138.99

Executive Table Trolley

Executive Table Trolley£163.02   £185.99

Gopak Small Table Trolley

Gopak Small Table Trolley£211.27   £191.99

Easylift Table Trolley

Easylift Table Trolley£204.99  -  £297.99

Mogo Small Table Trolley

Mogo Small Table Trolley£284.99

Mogo Large Table Trolley

Mogo Large Table Trolley£307.99

Mogo Round Table Trolley

Mogo Round Table Trolley£307.99

Gopak Round Table Trolley

Gopak Round Table Trolley£349.50   £316.99


Class Stacking Desk Transport Dolly£554.99  -  £714.99

Gopak Large Table Trolley

Gopak Large Table Trolley£301.82   £608.99

UTT2 Rectangular Table Trolley

UTT2 Rectangular Table Trolley£666.99

Lacrosse Horizontal Transport Dolly

Lacrosse Horizontal Transport Dolly£719.99

Lacrosse Vertical Transport Dolly

Lacrosse Vertical Transport Dolly£729.99

Fallbordsvagn Table Trolley

Fallbordsvagn Table Trolley£749.99

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Page 1 of 1:    51 Items
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