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Commercial Upholstery Supply

Finish your Kirkhouse upholstered furniture in any of our Severe Contract Quality (40,000 min rub test) fabrics.

Please note, our online price is per metre and does not directly transfer to chair unit prices, e.g. a typical banquet chair will use 0.7m of fabric.

Kirkhouse offer the widest range of fabrics avaialble and we're very happy to discuss your requirements.

You can buy commercial upholstery fabric via our website or contact Kirkhouse with any queries.

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Camira Citadel

Camira Citadel£10.99

Camira Phoenix

Camira Phoenix£12.99

Camira Rivet

Camira Rivet£12.99

Camira Era

Camira Era£13.99

Camira Gravity

Camira Gravity£14.99

Zander Marine Vinyl

Zander Marine Vinyl£17.99

Camira Advantage Tweed

Camira Advantage Tweed£18.99

Just Colour Vinyl

Just Colour Vinyl£18.99

Camira Xtreme

Camira Xtreme£20.99

Valencia C5 Faux Leather

Valencia C5 Faux Leather£20.99

Camira Urban

Camira Urban£21.99

Camira Vita

Camira Vita£21.99

Camira X2

Camira X2£21.99

Camira Aspect

Camira Aspect£22.99

Islington Faux Leather

Islington Faux Leather£22.99

Camira Main Line Plus

Camira Main Line Plus£23.99

Camira Canopy

Camira Canopy£24.12

Camira Patina

Camira Patina£24.99

Camira Oceanic

Camira Oceanic£25.52

Avantgarde™ Vinyl

Avantgarde™ Vinyl£26.99

Camira Main Line Flax

Camira Main Line Flax£27.99

Odessa Upholstery Fabric

Odessa Upholstery Fabric£28.99

Nevada Faux Leather

Nevada Faux Leather£31.99

Apex Aquaclean Fabric

Apex Aquaclean Fabric£32.99

Camira Hemp

Camira Hemp£36.99

Camira 24/7 Flax

Camira 24/7 Flax£37.99

Camira Aquarius

Camira Aquarius£37.99

Camira Blazer

Camira Blazer£38.99

Camira Silk

Camira Silk£38.99

Bute Magic Tweed

Bute Magic Tweed£50.27

Camira Craggan Flax

Camira Craggan Flax£50.60

Bute Alchemy Tweed

Bute Alchemy Tweed£53.60

Bute Denim Tweed

Bute Denim Tweed£54.13

Bute Tweed

Bute Tweed£54.93

Bute Mason Tweed

Bute Mason Tweed£56.92

Bute Kin Tweed

Bute Kin Tweed£57.46

Bute Clan Tweed

Bute Clan Tweed£60.52

Bute Storr Tweed

Bute Storr Tweed£100.02

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Page 1 of 1:    71 Items
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