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Commercial Lab & Bar Stools

Kirkhouse stools range broadly comprises Lab Stools from the Education market and Bar Stools from the leisure market.

Lab stools are extremely strong and durable, suitable for decades of use within the Education sector.  Consequently there is much cross-over for these stools, into the Leisure industry.  Our DGW stool is just as popular in bars and restaurants as it is in schools & colleges.

Our bar stools are typically easy to clean, highly durable seating solutions with either padding or moulding conducive to extended use in a cafe or bar setting.

You can buy commercial Lab & Bar Stool via our website or contact Kirkhouse with any queries.

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Poly Flat Top Stool

Poly Flat Top Stool£24.23

KM NP Rectangular Stacking Stool

KM NP Rectangular Stacking Stool£24.68

AS Poly Stool

AS Poly Stool£25.99  -  £28.99

Wooden Flat Top Stool

Wooden Flat Top Stool£27.99

DGW Wooden Top Bar Stool

DGW Wooden Top Bar Stool£28.99  -  £30.99

Series E School Lab Stool

Series E School Lab Stool£31.71

Remploy MX08 Stacking Lab Stool

Remploy MX08 Stacking Lab Stool£31.99

Advanced Heavy-Duty Stool

Advanced Heavy-Duty Stool£32.99  -  £33.99

''SE'' Backless Stacking Stool

"SE" Backless Stacking Stool£33.70

ASL Waterfall Low Back Stool

ASL Waterfall Low Back Stool£33.99  -  £34.99

Remploy MX05 Stacking Stool + Backrest

Remploy MX05 Stacking Stool + Backrest£34.46

Pepperpot Backless Stool

Pepperpot Backless Stool£35.49

HDS Wooden Top Heavy-Duty Stool

HDS Wooden Top Heavy-Duty Stool£35.99  -  £37.99

Hackney Indoor / Outdoor Low Stool

Hackney Indoor / Outdoor Low Stool£36.99

OneLeg® Working Stool - Junior

OneLeg® Working Stool - Junior£37.99  -  £42.99

''SE Classic'' Stacking Stool

"SE Classic" Stacking Stool£38.91

''SE'' Wooden Backless Stacking Stool

"SE" Wooden Backless Stacking Stool£38.99

Form™ Cantilever School Stool

Form™ Cantilever School Stool£70.53   £41.61

Sturdy Stool

Sturdy Stool£41.99

Titan High Chair

Titan High Chair£43.57  -  £47.90

''EN Classic'' Ergonomic Lab Chair

"EN Classic" Ergonomic Lab Chair£48.86

OneLeg® Working Stool - Senior

OneLeg® Working Stool - Senior£48.99  -  £49.99

EVO 4 Leg Stacking High Stool

EVO 4 Leg Stacking High Stool£52.99

Advanced Padded Heavy-Duty Stool

Advanced Padded Heavy-Duty Stool£44.99  -  £57.99

GEO High Stool

GEO High Stool£57.99  -  £58.99

Alpha® Stacktec School Stool

Alpha® Stacktec School Stool£59.99  -  £63.99

Alpha® StacTek Plastic Seat Stool

Alpha® StacTek Plastic Seat Stool£59.99

Paris Low Metal Stool

Paris Low Metal Stool£61.02  -  £75.72

Advanced Upholstered Square Stool

Advanced Upholstered Square Stool£61.99  -  £74.99

Titan Children's Swivel Stool

Titan Children's Swivel Stool£50.99  -  £63.41

bahia plastic cafe high chair

bahia plastic cafe high chair£63.99

Movie Plastic High Stool

Movie Plastic High Stool£63.99

Pepperpot Swivel Stool

Pepperpot Swivel Stool£65.06

Titan Senior Swivel Stool

Titan Senior Swivel Stool£67.54

Origin Lotus High Stool

Origin Lotus High Stool£69.99

Rewind Four Leg Bar Stool

Rewind Four Leg Bar Stool£70.99

Casalino Plastic Stacking Stool

Casalino Plastic Stacking Stool£66.99  -  £72.99

Restart Four Leg Bar Stool

Restart Four Leg Bar Stool£72.99

Paris High Metal Stool

Paris High Metal Stool£56.99  -  £85.90

Alpha® StacTek Plastic Seat Stool + Backrest

Alpha® StacTek Plastic Seat Stool + Backrest£72.99  -  £73.99

Monk's Diner Wooden Upholstered Chair

Monk's Diner Wooden Upholstered Chair£73.99  -  £77.98

Heston Wooden Low Stool

Heston Wooden Low Stool£75.72

''Zeta Hocker'' Padded Bar Stool

"Zeta Hocker" Padded Bar Stool£75.99

''Zeta Hocker'' Padded Bar Stool 24H

"Zeta Hocker" Padded Bar Stool 24H£75.99

Paris High Metal Stool + Backrest

Paris High Metal Stool + Backrest£60.99  -  £91.55

CREA 4 Leg Plastic Stacking Stool

CREA 4 Leg Plastic Stacking Stool£81.99

Pressé Indoor / Outdoor Stool 24H

Pressé Indoor / Outdoor Stool 24H£82.99

''Redhot'' 4 Leg Cafe Stool

"Redhot" 4 Leg Cafe Stool£83.99

Alhambra Stool

Alhambra Stool£84.99  -  £93.99

Tulipan Hocker Padded Bar Stool 24H

Tulipan Hocker Padded Bar Stool 24H£88.99

Tulipan Hocker Wooden Bar Stool 24H

Tulipan Hocker Wooden Bar Stool 24H£88.99

Heston Wooden High Stool

Heston Wooden High Stool£89.91

Origin Lotus Task Stool

Origin Lotus Task Stool£89.99

Leaf Skid-Base Bar Stool

Leaf Skid-Base Bar Stool£93.31

Eton All-Wood Bar Stool

Eton All-Wood Bar Stool£95.57

Harrow All-Wood Bar Stool

Harrow All-Wood Bar Stool£95.57

BLOCK Wood on Steel Outdoor Stool 24H

BLOCK Wood on Steel Outdoor Stool 24H£95.99  -  £109.99

Pressé Indoor / Outdoor Bar Stool 24H

Pressé Indoor / Outdoor Bar Stool 24H£95.99

''Cafe VII'' Hocker Wooden Bar Stool

"Cafe VII" Hocker Wooden Bar Stool£96.99

''Cafe VII'' Hocker Wooden Bar Stool 24H

"Cafe VII" Hocker Wooden Bar Stool 24H£96.99

Arrow Skid-Base Stacking Stool

Arrow Skid-Base Stacking Stool£97.99  -  £100.99

laFilò Stacking Stool

laFilò Stacking Stool£97.99  -  £100.99

Net Bar Stool

Net Bar Stool£98.34

Spring Outdoor Bar Stool 24H

Spring Outdoor Bar Stool 24H£98.99  -  £100.99

Pelon Wooden Bar Stool

Pelon Wooden Bar Stool£69.99  -  £99.47

Hoxton Bar High Stool

Hoxton Bar High Stool£100.09

Flash 4 Leg Plastic Stool

Flash 4 Leg Plastic Stool£100.99

Origin FLUX Mid Stool

Origin FLUX Mid Stool£100.99

Monk's Diner Wooden Upholstered High Stool

Monk's Diner Wooden Upholstered High Stool£101.99  -  £109.14

Roma Wooden Bar Stool

Roma Wooden Bar Stool£102.86

Alhambra ST Barstool

Alhambra ST Barstool£102.99  -  £112.99

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Page 1 of 2:    98 Items
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