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Indoor Commercial Bench Seating

Bench seating allows for maximum seating positions within a confined space.  Many of our benches effectively transform three chair positions, into four seating positions.

Often subject to high traffic, our bench range includes heavy-duty seating in a range of styles.  We offer all wood benches, plastic benches and padded benches in a range of upholstery fabrics.

You can buy bench seating via our website or contact Kirkhouse with any queries.

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Gopak Economy Stacking Bench

Gopak Economy Stacking Bench£51.99  -  £65.99

Gopak Contour25 Stacking Bench

Gopak Contour25 Stacking Bench£61.99  -  £75.99

Enviro Dining Bench

Enviro Dining Bench£79.99  -  £102.99

Easylift Lightweight Stacking Bench

Easylift Lightweight Stacking Bench£79.99  -  £89.99

Gopak Premier Stacking Bench

Gopak Premier Stacking Bench£77.99  -  £102.99

Pub Garden Picnic Bench

Pub Garden Picnic Bench£122.99  -  £135.99

Core Heavy-Duty Social Benches

Core Heavy-Duty Social Benches£131.99  -  £163.99

Enviro Outdoor Bench

Enviro Outdoor Bench£128.99  -  £151.99

BLOCK Wood on Steel Outdoor Bench 24H

BLOCK Wood on Steel Outdoor Bench 24H£160.99

Range Walk-In Picnic Bench

Range Walk-In Picnic Bench£226.99  -  £317.99

SB-420 Wooden Bench Unit

SB-420 Wooden Bench Unit£1,218.99  -  £1,656.99

SO-312A All Wood Bench Unit

SO-312A All Wood Bench Unit£1,341.99  -  £1,534.99

SO-370 Heavy-Duty Wooden Seating

SO-370 Heavy-Duty Wooden Seating£1,004.99  -  £2,014.99

SB-421 Wooden Bench Unit

SB-421 Wooden Bench Unit£1,656.99  -  £2,095.99

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Page 1 of 1:    14 Items
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