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DGW Stool - Frame Only

DGW Stool - Frame Only

Metal Beam Seating Seat Pads

Metal Beam Seating Seat Pads

Monolink Transport Dolly

Monolink Transport Dolly

Volume Saving from 3+ units
V-Stack Chair Numbering

V-Stack Chair Numbering

Affinity / Economy Loop Link

Affinity / Economy Loop Link£1.49

Chair Linking Clips

Chair Linking Clips£1.49

SE Chair Link

SE Chair Link£1.99

ISO Linking Block 24H

ISO Linking Block 24H£2.49

Mogo Jasper Clip-On Linking

Mogo Jasper Clip-On Linking£2.99

Optima Church Chair Options

Optima Church Chair Options£2.99  -  £20.99

Chair Link (Fully Fitted)

Chair Link (Fully Fitted)£1.99  -  £3.99

Conect II Linking Block 24H

Conect II Linking Block 24H£3.99

Vesta New* Link 24H

Vesta New* Link 24H£6.00   £4.99

Maestro Lexan Glides

Maestro Lexan Glides£6.49

Dalby Chair Link

Dalby Chair Link£6.99

Advanced Poly Chair - Shell Only

Advanced Poly Chair - Shell Only£7.99


Glides£7.99  -  £9.99

Riva Removable Linking System

Riva Removable Linking System£9.99

Skin Chair Link

Skin Chair Link£9.99

Sonic Beam Seating Armrests

Sonic Beam Seating Armrests£9.99

Under-seat Linking System

Under-seat Linking System£9.99

Coronet Chair - Upholstery Only

Coronet Chair - Upholstery Only£7.99  -  £13.99

Movie Beam Seating Seat Pads

Movie Beam Seating Seat Pads£10.99  -  £21.99

Carver Book Holder Chrome

Carver Book Holder Chrome£11.99

Cobra Book Holder Chrome

Cobra Book Holder Chrome£11.99

KM P3 Plastic Chair - Shell Only

KM P3 Plastic Chair - Shell Only£11.99

KM P6 Plastic Chair - Shell Only

KM P6 Plastic Chair - Shell Only£11.99

V-Stack Chair Linking

V-Stack Chair Linking£11.99

ISO Armrests 24H

ISO Armrests 24H£13.49

Affinity Plastic Chair Shell Only

Affinity Plastic Chair Shell Only£14.99

Mogo Jasper Armrests (Fully-Fitted)

Mogo Jasper Armrests (Fully-Fitted)£16.99

ISO Plastic Tablet 24H

ISO Plastic Tablet 24H£19.99

Office Chair Lumbar Pump

Office Chair Lumbar Pump£32.00   £19.99

Faroe Plastic Chair Shell Only

Faroe Plastic Chair Shell Only£20.99

Floor Linking System

Floor Linking System£21.99

ISO Wooden Tablet 24H

ISO Wooden Tablet 24H£22.49

Beam Seating Armrests

Beam Seating Armrests£22.99

Paris Wooden Seat Pad

Paris Wooden Seat Pad£24.99

Enviro Changing Room Bench Fixings

Enviro Changing Room Bench Fixings£17.99  -  £27.99

Stealth Headrest 24H

Stealth Headrest 24H£42.00   £28.99

Viktor Fixed Arms

Viktor Fixed Arms£55.00   £30.99

Conect II Armrest (single) 24H

Conect II Armrest (single) 24H£31.99

Metal Beam Seating Armrests

Metal Beam Seating Armrests£31.99

Galaxy Conference Stacking Chair - Upholstery Only

Galaxy Conference Stacking Chair - Upholstery Only£16.99  -  £33.99

Club Chair Plastic Linking

Club Chair Plastic Linking£7.00   £34.99

Conect II 60║ Shelf 24H

Conect II 60║ Shelf 24H£35.99

Arrow Chair Writing Tablet Only

Arrow Chair Writing Tablet Only£36.99

Carver Row Spacer Bar (Per Piece)

Carver Row Spacer Bar (Per Piece)£36.99

Cobra Row Spacer Bar (Per Piece)

Cobra Row Spacer Bar (Per Piece)£36.99

Curvy Row Spacer Bar (Per Piece)

Curvy Row Spacer Bar (Per Piece)£36.99

Viktor 3D Adjustable Arms

Viktor 3D Adjustable Arms£70.00   £36.99

Restart Folding Writing Tablet

Restart Folding Writing Tablet£38.99

Rewind Folding Writing Tablet

Rewind Folding Writing Tablet£38.99

Mogo Jasper Writing Tablet Only

Mogo Jasper Writing Tablet Only£40.99

Conect II 90║ Shelf 24H

Conect II 90║ Shelf 24H£41.99

Buzz Arms

Buzz Arms£24.00   £43.99

Conect II Square Shelf 24H

Conect II Square Shelf 24H£41.80   £44.99

Deluxe Arms

Deluxe Arms£26.00   £45.99

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Page 1 of 2:    142 Items
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