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Chair Linking Clips

Chair Linking Clips£1.99

Urban Linking Device

Urban Linking Device£1.99  -  £3.99

ISO Linking Block 24H

ISO Linking Block 24H£2.99

Jasper Clip-On Linking

Jasper Clip-On Linking£2.99

SE Chair Link

SE Chair Link£2.99

Dalby Chair Link

Dalby Chair Link£7.99

Maestro Lexan Glides

Maestro Lexan Glides£7.99

Chair Link (Fully Fitted)

Chair Link (Fully Fitted)£4.99  -  £10.89

Curvy & Carver Chair Glides

Curvy & Carver Chair Glides£8.99  -  £10.99

Postura+ Chair Linking

Postura+ Chair Linking£11.37

Cobra Book Holder Chrome

Cobra Book Holder Chrome£12.99

Myke Chair Link

Myke Chair Link£14.14

Movie Beam Seating Seat Pads

Movie Beam Seating Seat Pads£14.39  -  £28.79

Affinity Plastic Chair Shell Only

Affinity Plastic Chair Shell Only£18.99  -  £22.49

Skin Chair Link

Skin Chair Link£19.80

Vesta New* Link 24H

Vesta New* Link 24H£21.99

Buzz Arms

Buzz Arms£34.00   £22.41

Coronet Chair - Upholstery Only

Coronet Chair - Upholstery Only£20.21  -  £27.11

Floor Linking System

Floor Linking System£23.99

Club Arms (pair) 24H

Club Arms (pair) 24H£35.00   £24.26

Beam Seating Armrest

Beam Seating Armrest£24.99

ISO Armrests 24H

ISO Armrests 24H£25.46

EVO Chair Shell Only

EVO Chair Shell Only£34.60   £25.99

Pull Seat Shell Only

Pull Seat Shell Only£26.99

Faroe Plastic Chair Shell Only

Faroe Plastic Chair Shell Only£35.60   £27.99

Origin Mojo Upholstery (Fully-Fitted)

Origin Mojo Upholstery (Fully-Fitted)£28.27  -  £55.20

ISO Plastic Tablet 24H

ISO Plastic Tablet 24H£29.99

Chrome Base

Chrome Base£43.00   £30.01

Enviro Changing Room Bench Fixings

Enviro Changing Room Bench Fixings£21.75  -  £34.16

ISO Folding Writing Tablet

ISO Folding Writing Tablet£31.11  -  £38.18

Paris Wooden Seat Pad

Paris Wooden Seat Pad£34.65

ISO Wooden Tablet 24H

ISO Wooden Tablet 24H£34.99

Stealth Headrest 24H

Stealth Headrest 24H£42.00   £35.19

DGW Stool - Frame Only

DGW Stool - Frame Only£35.32

Deluxe Arms

Deluxe Arms£54.00   £37.26

Viktor Fixed Arms

Viktor Fixed Arms£55.00   £37.39

T Adjustable Arms

T Adjustable Arms£57.00   £39.22

Club Plastic Writing Tablet & Arm 24H

Club Plastic Writing Tablet & Arm 24H£57.00   £39.37

Conect II Square Shelf 24H

Conect II Square Shelf 24H£43.05   £39.99

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Page 1 of 3:    153 Items
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