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Commercial Plastic Chairs

Ideal for a wide range of applications, plastic stacking chairs are one of our most popular seating solutions.

Comprising a vast range of lightweight stacking chairs from entry-level bucket chairs to high-end moulded designs; each of these chairs is designed & built to perform in heavy-use environments.

Many of our most popular cheap plastic chairs have been in production for over 30 years and remain reliable solutions for schools, canteens, village halls and community centres.

You can buy plastic chairs through our website or contact Kirkhouse with any queries.

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Economy Plastic Stacking Chair

Economy Plastic Stacking Chair£15.74  -  £16.03

CB05 Poly Stacking Chair

CB05 Poly Stacking Chair£17.99

Pepperpot Stacking Cafe Chair

Pepperpot Stacking Cafe Chair£22.05  -  £22.78

Titan One Piece Senior Stacking Chair

Titan One Piece Senior Stacking Chair£22.99  -  £33.70

Postura+ Chair

Postura+ Chair£19.74  -  £24.15

Advanced Plastic Stacking Chair

Advanced Plastic Stacking Chair£25.02  -  £25.42

KM P7 Student Chair

KM P7 Student Chair£23.99  -  £25.99

Series E Linking Chair

Series E Linking Chair£26.61

EN1 One-Piece Stacking Chair

EN1 One-Piece Stacking Chair£19.01  -  £27.50

Series E Skid-Base Plastic Chair

Series E Skid-Base Plastic Chair£22.24  -  £27.63

Advanced Skid-Base Poly Chair

Advanced Skid-Base Poly Chair£28.11  -  £28.62

GEO 4 Leg Stacking Chair

GEO 4 Leg Stacking Chair£31.60

max II chair

max II chair£31.99

''SE Curve'' Plastic Stacking Chair

"SE Curve" Plastic Stacking Chair£33.64  -  £34.21

GEO Skid-Base Stacking Chair

GEO Skid-Base Stacking Chair£33.99  -  £34.99

ISO ''Shift'' Plastic Visitor Chair

ISO "Shift" Plastic Visitor Chair£34.99  -  £35.99

Advanced Harmony Stacking Chair

Advanced Harmony Stacking Chair£33.20  -  £35.46

Masterstack Skid-Base Stacking Chair

Masterstack Skid-Base Stacking Chair£33.20  -  £35.46

GEO 4 Leg Teachers Chair

GEO 4 Leg Teachers Chair£36.99

''SE Classic'' Skid Base Plastic Chair

"SE Classic" Skid Base Plastic Chair£39.42  -  £39.99

Advanced Plastic Chair + Seat Pad

Advanced Plastic Chair + Seat Pad£38.61  -  £40.94

EVO 4 Leg Stacking Chair

EVO 4 Leg Stacking Chair£41.34  -  £41.79

Dalby Stacking Chair

Dalby Stacking Chair£42.99

''EN Classic'' 4 Leg Children's Chair

"EN Classic" 4 Leg Children's Chair£38.03  -  £43.29

Tommy Armchair

Tommy Armchair£46.99

ava plastic cafe chair

ava plastic cafe chair£48.99

EVO Sled-Base Stacking Chair

EVO Sled-Base Stacking Chair£48.85  -  £49.30

GEO Cantilever Chair

GEO Cantilever Chair£49.19  -  £49.67

Advanced Poly Chair + Writing Tablet

Advanced Poly Chair + Writing Tablet£50.25  -  £50.85

Affinity Upholstered Stacking Chair

Affinity Upholstered Stacking Chair£50.99  -  £59.99

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Page 1 of 4:    233 Items
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