Made in the UK

Almost all of our products are made in the UK, so we can keep tight control on product quality whilst offering the widest range of options.

Our product range may be broadly categorised as Made to order and Quick delivery.


furniture made in the uk

Made to order

The majority of our furniture is manufactured to order in the UK on grounds of cost, quality and product specification.

We are a true contract furniture supplier, providing quality furniture, in quantity, in a vast range of finishes and often with multiple options.  This standard of service & quality is extremely difficult to maintain when importing from outside the UK / EU.

Where furniture is specified from overseas, it is where no suitable UK resource exists.  Kirkhouse imports on grounds of quality, rather than as a means to save money.

Made to order furniture products are ideal for our project work, typically being available for delivery within 3-4 weeks.


Quick delivery

Where products are required more quickly than can be reasonably achieved with made to order, Kirkhouse offers a range of items available for immediate dispatch.

It is here that products are more likely to be manufactured on the continent and held in our UK warehouses.

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