HygieneProtect - Freestanding Desk High Screens
Model: Full Screen (No Cut-Out),  Height: 700mm,  Width: 800mm,  Foot: MetalModel: Full Screen (No Cut-Out),  Height: 700mm,  Width: 1000mm,  Foot: MetalModel: Full Screen (No Cut-Out),  Height: 700mm,  Width: 1200mm,  Foot: MetalModel: Full Screen (No Cut-Out),  Height: 700mm,  Width: 1400mm,  Foot: MetalModel: Full Screen (No Cut-Out),  Height: 700mm,  Width: 1600mm,  Foot: Metal
Model: Full Screen (No Cut-Out),  Height: 700mm,  Width: 1800mm,  Foot: MetalModel: Cut-Out,  Height: 700mm,  Width: 800mm,  Foot: MetalModel: Cut-Out,  Height: 700mm,  Width: 800mm,  Foot: AcrylicModel: Cut-Out,  Height: 700mm,  Width: 1000mm,  Foot: MetalModel: Cut-Out,  Height: 700mm,  Width: 1000mm,  Foot: Acrylic
Model: Cut-Out,  Height: 700mm,  Width: 1200mm,  Foot: MetalModel: Cut-Out,  Height: 700mm,  Width: 1200mm,  Foot: AcrylicModel: Cut-Out,  Height: 700mm,  Width: 1400mm,  Foot: MetalModel: Cut-Out,  Height: 700mm,  Width: 1600mm,  Foot: MetalModel: Cut-Out,  Height: 700mm,  Width: 1800mm,  Foot: Metal


HygieneProtect - Freestanding Desk High Screens

  • Opaque / clear Acrylic
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick delivery

Supplied with metal feet for perfect stability on worktop, ensuring users are separated but can maintain visual contact.

Unit Cost:  £168.99(Exc. 20% VAT)(£202.79 Inc. VAT)

Free Delivery Finish


Country of Origin:  UK

Unit Dimensions mm
Width Height Thickness
800 700 5
1000 700 5
1200 700 5
1400 700 5
1600 700 5
1800 700 5

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