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Visitor Chairs

Designed for occasional use in offices and waiting areas, visitor chairs provide good comfort and are often availablt to match other furniture within the space.

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Premium Utility Stacking Chair

Premium Utility Stacking Chair£47.99

Wendy Visitor / Conference Chair

Wendy Visitor / Conference Chair£59.99

VOLÉE Plastic Chair

VOLÉE Plastic Chair£60.99  -  £95.99

Galaxy Conference Stacking Chair

Galaxy Conference Stacking Chair£61.99  -  £77.99

Premium Utility Stacking Armchair

Premium Utility Stacking Armchair£68.99

Alina Visitor / Conference Chair

Alina Visitor / Conference Chair£71.99  -  £127.99

Galaxy Conference Stacking Armchair

Galaxy Conference Stacking Armchair£71.99  -  £82.99

Zenith Moulded Chair - Skid-Base

Zenith Moulded Chair - Skid-Base£73.99

Zenith Moulded Chair - 4-Leg

Zenith Moulded Chair - 4-Leg£74.99

VOLÉE Soft Chair

VOLÉE Soft Chair£80.99  -  £117.99

''Bingo'' Wooden Visitor Chair

"Bingo" Wooden Visitor Chair£84.99

Padded Club Chair 24H

Padded Club Chair 24H£84.99

Padded Club Chair Chrome 24H

Padded Club Chair Chrome 24H£85.99

Wendy Visitor / Conference Armchair

Wendy Visitor / Conference Armchair£85.99

Start Mesh-Back Visitor Chair 24H

Start Mesh-Back Visitor Chair 24H£87.99

''Bingo'' Wooden Visitor Chair 24H

"Bingo" Wooden Visitor Chair 24H£88.99

Jupiter Mesh Back Meeting Chair 24H

Jupiter Mesh Back Meeting Chair 24H£95.99  -  £101.99

''Visa'' Medium Back Visitor Armchair

"Visa" Medium Back Visitor Armchair£100.99

Jupiter Mesh Back Meeting Armchair 24H

Jupiter Mesh Back Meeting Armchair 24H£101.99  -  £107.99

Saturn Steel Conference Chair

Saturn Steel Conference Chair£102.99

''Bingo'' Upholstered Wooden Visitor Chair

"Bingo" Upholstered Wooden Visitor Chair£106.99

Pavilion Visitor Chair 24H

Pavilion Visitor Chair 24H£109.99

VOLÉE Mesh-Back Cantilever Chair

VOLÉE Mesh-Back Cantilever Chair£115.99  -  £129.99

Zenith Moulded Chair - Wood

Zenith Moulded Chair - Wood£116.99

''Bingo'' Wooden Visitor Armchair

"Bingo" Wooden Visitor Armchair£118.99

Tolima Four Leg Chair

Tolima Four Leg Chair£124.99

Tolima Skid-Base Chair

Tolima Skid-Base Chair£124.99

''Bingo'' Wooden Visitor Armchair 24H

"Bingo" Wooden Visitor Armchair 24H£125.99

Zenith Moulded Chair - Swivel Base

Zenith Moulded Chair - Swivel Base£125.99

Academy Upholstered Conference Chair 24H

Academy Upholstered Conference Chair 24H£134.99  -  £205.99

Academy Upholstered Conference Armchair 24H

Academy Upholstered Conference Armchair 24H£138.99  -  £209.99

Saturn Steel Conference Chair + Tablet

Saturn Steel Conference Chair + Tablet£139.99

Nola Cantilever Visitor Chair 24H

Nola Cantilever Visitor Chair 24H£247.00   £143.99

Zoom Visitor Chair 24H

Zoom Visitor Chair 24H£143.99

Canasta Faux Leather Visitor Chair 24H

Canasta Faux Leather Visitor Chair 24H£177.00   £145.99

Canasta Visitor Chair 24H

Canasta Visitor Chair 24H£145.99

Saturn Wood Conference Armchair

Saturn Wood Conference Armchair£147.99

Saturn Wood Conference Chair

Saturn Wood Conference Chair£147.99

Pavilion Chrome Visitor Chair 24H

Pavilion Chrome Visitor Chair 24H£150.99

Pavia Fabric Visitor Chair 24H

Pavia Fabric Visitor Chair 24H£154.99

Pavia Faux Leather Visitor Chair 24H

Pavia Faux Leather Visitor Chair 24H£193.00   £154.99

Florence Padded Meeting Chair 24H

Florence Padded Meeting Chair 24H£198.00   £157.99

Pavilion Chrome Visitor Armchair 24H

Pavilion Chrome Visitor Armchair 24H£222.00   £171.99

Academy Two-Tone Conference Armchair 24H

Academy Two-Tone Conference Armchair 24H£172.99

Colorado Leather Visitor Chair 24H

Colorado Leather Visitor Chair 24H£280.50   £181.99

Vogue Mesh-Back Visitor Armchair 24H

Vogue Mesh-Back Visitor Armchair 24H£276.00   £201.99

''Project'' Mesh Back Visitor Armchair

"Project" Mesh Back Visitor Armchair£204.99

Strata Cantilever Visitor Chair 24H

Strata Cantilever Visitor Chair 24H£352.00   £219.99

Ritz Visitor Chair 24H

Ritz Visitor Chair 24H£226.99

Classic Cantilever Conference Chair 24H

Classic Cantilever Conference Chair 24H£246.99

Savoy Cantilever Conference Chair 24H

Savoy Cantilever Conference Chair 24H£447.00   £255.99

Tolima Height-Adjustable Swivel Chair

Tolima Height-Adjustable Swivel Chair£302.99

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Page 1 of 1:    56 Items
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