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Bespoke School Table Laminates

21 September 2011  |  Admin

As School furniture suppliers, we're very happy to introduce our commercial furniture - Bespoke Table Laminate service. We can reproduce almost any image in our table surface laminates, including school and business logo's. Design your very own school table laminate surface with Kirkhouse.

Table top surfaces suitable for commercial use from our online furniture shop.

Branded Classroom tables

Many schools are looking to establish their brand and ethos in more imaginative ways. We can easily replicate most school logo's or mottos. We can produce subject specific laminates for individual classrooms, or a uniform table top design for use throughout the school. Branded furniture may encourage respect and reinforces a sense of pride in schools.

Corporate Branded tables

We can brand full length boardroom tables or individual office desks. Vertical panels such as reception screens and desk modesty panels can be made unique with photographic images or artwork. Whether subtle or bold, branded corporate furniture reinforces the brands power. Business branded laminates are ideal for take-aways and restaurants and may easily be applied to Kirkhouse Fastfood tables.

Instructive Bespoke Laminates

Our bespoke surface laminate service allows for reproduction of maps, plans, recipes or any kind of instruction. Where space is limited, a reception desk or modesty panel might include signage, instruction or simply welcome clientele. Kirkhouse have expertise in the supply of school furniture.

We are always developing new commercial furniture ranges suitable for School, College and University.

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