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Casalino One Piece Plastic Stacking Chairs

11 June 2012  |  Admin

Those familiar with commercial furniture and the better known furniture designers, may sense a hint of Verner Panton in our new Casalino chair.

We certainly wouldn't deny the visual connection, although we wouldn't want you to think that our Casalino commercial stacking chairs lack heritage.

Casalino Commercial Seating since 1971

In 1971 Caslalino won an award at Die gute Industrieform ("Good Industrial Form"), in Hanover. The series of commercial plastic chairs and armchairs was fantastically popular throughout the 70's, however it's popularity waned in the 80's.

With the 1970's firmly behind us, we're able to properly appreciate the good furniture design that emerged from this wonderful decade. Casalino returned to production in 2007; Kirkhouse took a little longer in adopting the range (including upholstered plastic chairs and children's stacking chairs), but it's here now and we're happily taking orders.

Casalino stacking chairs and armchairs

Both Casalino and Casalino armchair have been well received through our Pinterest page - there is clear distinction between Caslino and Panton. For those concerned with mimicry in design, it's worth noting that as with Robin Day's Polyside chair, Verner Pantons original Panton chairs were not strong enough for commercial use: It took some time to perfect the model whilst Casalino got it right from the start.

We wouldn't argue an aesthetic - commercial furniture is beautiful if it serves it's purpose well; sometimes this is made possible through new materials or production techniques but these are not essential. That said, the plastic material and exquisite poly moulding required to manufacture Casalino & Caslino armchair, make for a fantastic product - whilst the design allows for a well formed seat and most importantly stacking.

Casalino children's stacking chairs

Equally popular are the Caslino children's chairs, which are strong, stackable and available in a range of colours. Caslino children's chairs are also very easy to clean.

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