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Commercial Furniture - Cafe Chairs

6 October 2011  |  Admin

Around 1859 a steam bent timber frame chair, consisting of no more than six sections and a few screws, was developed in Austria by Michael Thonet. Thonet chairs (model No. 14) were sold in their millions worldwide.

One of the first items of flat-pack furniture, Thonet cafe chairs were relatively low cost to produce and could also be shipped at low cost.

With our expertise in Commercial Furniture, it's only right we know and love the Thonet No. 14 cafe chair - we can also supply it to our commercial furniture customers, however today this remarkable cafe chair costs over 500GBP each.

We're very happy to introduce our new range of Cafe chairs, made in a similar style to the original Thonet cafe chair.

14 cafe side chair

Made of bentwood, our 14 cafe side chair will stack and withstand the various knocks and scrapes expected of quality commercial furniture. This particular stacking cafe chair may even look better with a few knocks and scuffs on the frame, but you'll need to hit it quite hard.

Swanson commercial dining chairs

Our Swanson series of contract chairs use the same bentwood base as 14 cafe side chair, however it's shaped and styled backrest may be more attractive for dining rather than cafe use. Swanson series of commercial seating is also available as a high stool / bar stool.

American wooden diner chairs

The 50's was arguably the heyday of American furniture design, with beautiful domestic furniture and functional commercial furniture setting new standards. Much of the Kirkhouse Steel Stacking chair range is inspired by 1950's American diner furniture, and now we're very happy to include American influenced wooden diner chairs.

Houston, Dallas and Oregon wooden frame cafe chairs use large section timber with sturdy rails for those who like to dine. Of larger proportions than our bentwood cafe chairs, our American range offers great comfort and a certain style that suits all kinds of cafe, restaurant or diner.

Italian wooden cafe furniture

Lastly Reuben cafe chair is of clear Italian origin, with it's exquisite and minimal frame. The seat and backrest offer maximum support, whilst all wood construction and precision design improve cleaning. Reuben cafe chair also stacks and will withstand the various knocks and bumps of cafe furniture life.

Our new collection of all wood stacking cafe chairs are suitable for commercial use in your cafe, diner or restaurant. Please take a look at the range in our online commercial furniture shop.

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