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Commercial Library Furniture

9 August 2011  |  Admin

In March 2009, we received a furniture inquiry from Heddon on the Wall Library; at the time, Libraries were being closed across the UK. Heddon on the Wall Parish Council took control of their local library and established plans to convert it into a multi-use community facility. We were proud to be invited to contribute our furniture expertise throughout the project, until final delivery of our commercial library furniture in March 2010. Furniture Blogger reflects on the furniture installation project.

Library Design and Planning

As suppliers of commercial furniture, we love being involved in New Builds and Refurbishments from as early a stage as possible: We encourage our furniture customers to consider certain building aspects, primarily furniture storage areas.

New Builds and Refurbishments often lack good Furniture storage; naturally an architect will have many aspects to consider; where the chairs and tables will be stored can seem to be the last consideration. Whatever the clients position, we can supply furniture to suit, the question is of adapting the furniture to the building: Can we use stacking chairs, or must we use folding chairs? Might folding tables of this length, be more appropriate than stacking tables of that length? What does the client really want their commercial furniture supplier to offer, and what can the client afford?

We're always keen to have a commercial furniture budget from the outset: Heddon on the Wall Library required a full kit out, including reception chairs, IT chairs and desks, office furniture (Seating, Storage and Desks) and a Bespoke Library Desk.

The initial design and planning of the new library included a significant budget for furniture. As commercial furniture suppliers, we're familiar with our budget being cut the closer we get to installation date. Buildings are very expensive, and our clients often find money being drained away into areas that could not be foreseen.

With this in mind, Kirkhouse offer various furniture proposals on the basis of cost, with fall back plans to be used if furniture budgets are reduced. We are expert in the supply of commercial furniture that is guaranteed for use between 5 and twenty five years and at a range of costs: We are able to offer various seating including cheap stacking plastic chairs, practical stacking banquet chairs and wooden stacking chairs. Kirkhouse tables and desks for school and office use, are also available across a broad price range from boardroom tables made to order, to cheap folding tables from stock.

Throughout their furniture selection process, Heddon on the Wall library considered various commercial furniture solutions from Kirkhouse.

Library Building Work begins. Heddon on the Wall Library found one unforeseen cost in the form of a tree in a local Church. Significant delays were incurred as various bodies decided upon who was responsible for the tree and how it might be felled. Such delays and additional costs are generally pulled out of the commercial furniture budget: We cannot argue with this, as we don't see how we can install furniture into an incomplete building - this is the nature of commercial furniture supply.

As the building work commenced, we contacted a Bespoke Furniture manufacturer in Bristol: It Woodwork were keen to apply their expertise to our Library desk. Together we created various 3D drawings and plans for the client. The brief included a requirement for wheel chair access, IT practicalities such as wire storage and computer peripherals. Our library desk design in conjunction with It Woodwork was to be the bulk of the furniture project work throughout.

Bespoke furniture design and manufacture requires time and expertise - whilst It Woodwork began constructing the library desk, we developed our various commercial furniture plans and presented amendments and revisions by cost.

Commercial Furniture Suppliers - Experts in low cost, efficient furniture delivery

The winter of 2010 was particularly harsh: Roads were closed and large goods vehicles in particular were restricted by Snow and Wind. Much of the commercial furniture supplied to Heddon on the Wall Library, was delivered in smaller vehicles and even these struggled to reach their destination as the road to the Library was steep and Icy. Nevertheless, Kirkhouse successfully delivered operator chairs, Cantilever office desks and lounge chairs & coffee tables for a breakout area. Later deliveries were to include high quality lightweight folding tables from our Gopak Premier folding table range

We must take particular care of our storage units: Office storage units were installed by our specialist furniture delivery team. Last to be delivered was the It Woodwork bespoke library desk, including a tough laminated surface and library branding detail.

Expert library furniture suppliers

Heddon on the Wall Library is a project we are particularly proud of, due to the extent that our expertise was utilised. We have also furnished school libraries throughout the UK, with multi-use School furniture such as stacking plastic chairs and school desks.

Kirkhouse chair and table ranges are adaptable to many kinds of application; folding chairs and tables being used to great extent in such projects, as support furniture. We are keen to hear from customers at any stage of a project; we take great enjoyment in offering commercial furniture advice from the earliest stages.

We can offer assistance in the planning of chair & table usage, the practicalities of certain chair fabrics, padding and upholstery details (if padded chairs are required).

We offer expertise in the practical application of chair linking devices for commercial stacking chairs and folding chairs. Kirkhouse also have expertise in the practicalities of various commercial folding table ranges, including Gopak, Polyfold and Virco folding tables.

Please contact Kirkhouse with any UK commercial or school furniture (including school tables & chairs and school lockers & storage) requirements. We offer free advice and quotations through our online furniture sales website.

We're here to help: 01670 81 00 44