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Contract Grade Furniture for African Schools

15 June 2011  |  Admin

Kirkhouse and Optimus Education Foundation (registered charity 1122212) have teamed up.

Optimus take supplies for school - specifically school furniture to Schools in Africa. Plastic chairs in particular last for decades, so taking your second hand plastic bucket chairs abroad will make a huge difference.

Poly or Plastic stacking chairs are ideal for shipping to overseas schools. UK school furniture shops and furniture suppliers sell thousands of plastic chairs every year, and every year Kirkhouse are asked to collect old plastic school chairs and school desks which can be put to good use elsewhere.

If you're clearing your office chairs and desks and are wondering what to do with all your furniture, then we may have the perfect solution.

Optimus aim to collect your chairs and furniture free of charge, with further dontations for fuel being greatly appreciated.

Please contact Kirkhouse with any queries; you can see further details on our furniture recycling page.

Chairs waiting for shipment to Africa

We're here to help: 01670 81 00 44