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EN-1729 Recommended seat & table heights

26 May 2011  |  Admin

EN-1729 was introduced in 2006, in order to establish important standards in furniture.

The recommendations are important and useful: Ergonomics became well established during and immediately after WWII, where pilots in particular, were required to operate in confined spaces for long periods of time.

British standards that were established in the 1940's, had never been updated until the introduction of EN-1729.

C1940 recommended sizes
Age Seat Height Table Height
Nursery 280mm 508mm
Pre-School 320mm 546mm
Infant 355mm 584mm
Junior 390mm 635mm
Adult 430mm 698mm
Lab A 445mm 650mm
Lab B 560mm 750mm
Lab C 610mm 850mm
Lab D 685mm 900mm
EN-1729 recommended sizes
Age (years) Seat Height Table Height
3-4 260mm 460mm
4-6 310mm 530mm
6-8 350mm 590mm
8-11 380mm 640mm
11-14 430mm 710mm
14+ 460mm 760mm


It is worth noting that these sizes are recommendations only - there is no legal requirement.

Furthermore, to achieve EN-1729, manufacturers are required to meet many more standards - particularly as to the space between seat and backrest.

We tend to find however, that most customers just want know they're buying the right size.

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