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Folding Chair & Table Sets

27 May 2022  |  Admin

We've created a number of folding chair & folding table packages to help ensure you save space and save money.

Ideal for community applications such as Village Halls, Community Centres and Church Halls, Comfort padded folding chair range offers excellent comfort.  Available on a range of folding chair trolleys which are easy to manoeuvre.

We also offer highly durable folding chairs with plastic seats & backs for ease of cleaning and maintenance.  Classic and Classic Plus folding chairs are the original design and remain very popular, however we recommend the more heavy-duty Aran and BigClassic folding chairs where possible.

Folding flat for storage, Aran and BigClassic stack between 37 and 50 high on associated trolleys.  These designs also offer much increased weight capacity and more generous dimensions.  BigClassic and Aran folding chairs are modern designs for the modern user.

Kirkhouse folding chair & table packages should be a great solution for you and you can also create your own package.

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