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Folding Chairs Vs Stacking Chairs

14 July 2011  |  Admin

Folding Chairs

The most compact chair available is the 2200 folding chair series - available in Red, Blue or Black plastic (white folding chairs are also available). These chairs are durable and are the choice of many furniture hire customers and Village Halls; however many Schools and Community Centres prefer an upholstered folding chair.

Kirkhouse Virco folding chair series is the most popular. Many of our folding chairs include an impressive ten year guarantee; whether for school hall or classroom use Kirkhouse folding chairs are hard to break.

Our most popular Virco folding chair range is available for sale with a range of standard folding chair trolleys. The most popular will store 48 Virco folding chairs. Folding Chair Trolley dimensions: Length: 1400mm Width: 700mm Overall Height: 1970mm

Stacking Chairs

If your School or Village Hall is seeking an alternative to folding chairs, the most common are upholstered banquet chairs and Plastic / Poly stacking chairs. This type of stacking chair is widely considered to be more comfortable than a folding chair, as manufacturers do not need to include any moving parts in the chair design.

Comfortable stacking chairs very popular with Hotels and Community Centres. Stacking chairs are typically 500mm wide by 550mm deep and will stack ten chairs high. As such, in the same space that you would store 48 of our most popular folding chairs, you could store around 60 stacking chairs.

It's worth noting that upholstered stacking chairs are usually more bulky than non upholstered plastic or wooden seat stacking chairs.

Approximate floor dimensions for sixty stacking chairs: Length: 1500mm Width: 1100mm Overall Height: 1970mm


Folding chairs without suitable trolleys almost never works. Stacking chair dimensions should be checked against your precise chair model. For various reasons, many customers are unable to stack chairs ten high. Before you buy commercial furniture, it's often useful to discuss your choices with your wholesale online furniture shop.


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