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Heavy Duty Chairs & Lounge Chairs

30 September 2012  |  Admin

Our production team have done a great job with our latest Heavy Duty furniture range. We're talking maximum gauge steel (2mm) and robust upholstery for decades of heavy lounge use.

MZ Lounge Chairs





What makes a Heavy-Duty chair?

Metal frame chair strength is largely based on the thickness of the metal and the section of tube used. Kirkhouse steel frame chairs specify 1.5mm and 2mm steel as standard.

Chair Frame Steel Thickness
Use Thickness Gauge
Heavy-Duty 2mm 14
Regular-Use 1.5mm 16
Occasional-Use 1mm 18

Our latest MZ range of Heavy-Duty chairs use between 1.5mm and 2mm thick steel at ø25mm and ø32mm - these frames are incredibly strong.

Kirkhouse specifies 12mm Plywood Boards (some suppliers use Chipboard and some use Cardboard), so our seat pads remain bolted to the frame. Our upholstery foams are high density and high elasticity, so they keep their shape for many years under heavy use.

Lastly, Kirkhouse customers have a vast range of fabrics to choose from - all rated for Severe Contract Use.

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