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20 April 2020  |  Admin

New Home Office Furniture Ranges.


We've selected some of our most suitable office furniture and created new Home Office furniture ranges. 

Kirkhouse is a contract furniture supplier and as such, our office furniture tends to be installed into commercial office spaces.  The standard of our office furniture is therefore considerably higher than many 'high-street' / domestic suppliers.  Our prices are often more reasonable too, as you're not paying for a high-street showroom and we have access to much larger stock than is required for the domestic market.


We have selected office chairs in a range of finishes, included various upholstery and mesh options and also armrest options.  Our office desk options focus on smaller desk sizes at our most reasonable prices.  We also include sit-stand office desks for more comfortable working at home.


The items are all directly linked to our stock feed, so you can rest assured that the item you purchase will be available for quick delivery.


Check out the new ranges here...

Home Office Chairs

Home Office Desks
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