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Make Kirkhouse Your Education Furniture Supplier

17 January 2012  |  Admin

Since 1998, Kirkhouse has been a growing force in the UK Education Furniture market. When we were founded (1992) the internet was unknown to UK Schools; following our 1800 seat installation at Westminster Cathedral, Kirkhouse targeted it's marketing at Churches and Church Halls.

Print advertising in The Church Times and Church Building Magazine was the name of the game, where we repeatedly stumbled across the same competitors week after week. We take a look at how we've affected the Education Furniture Market.

School Furniture Supply UK Growth

In 1997, Kirkhouse was amongst the first UK commercial furniture suppliers to introduce a furniture sales website: With the introduction of this fantastic resource, Kirkhouse opened it's doors to the Education Market, slowly upsetting the archaic catalogue suppliers.

YPO and ESPO websites followed, as a supplement to their cumbersome catalogues, however Kirkhouse realised a fantastic opportunity to promote the same products at much reduced prices.

Today Kirkhouse has over 500 unique Education customers, including Nursery Groups, Play Schools, Primary, Middle & Secondary Schools and Colleges & Universities.

Price Comparison: School Furniture Chairs & Tables UK

Kirkhouse is a small team with some great contacts - we know the contract furniture industry well and we're happy to share our expertise.

Kirkhouse has saved School customers many thousands of pounds over the years:

Product YPO Price Kirkhouse Price
E-Series Size 6 £14.15 £12.64
Pepperpot Stool 610 SH £21.75 £20.72
School desk 1200 x 600mm £40.35 £38.76
Polypropylene Folding Chair £11.45 £10.73
Prices in GBP +VAT. Source YPO Catalogue 2012 & Kirkhouse website


Commercial Furniture UK Expertise

Besides offering identical products at a better price, we also know our furniture better.

We know how strong your Poly (plastic) stacking chairs are, we know how thick your MDF table top is and how many classroom desks you can stack.

Unlike the large catalogue shops, we don't sell Ball Point Pens, Lawn Mowers or Light Bulbs; we are your contract furniture specialists.

If you're looking for upholstered chairs, we have fabric ranges running to thousands of colours (we make the selection easy too!) We're proud of our success in supplying school furniture, and we're looking forward to continued growth in the education market.

Why not start your Kirkhouse relationship now, give us a call with your commercial furniture requirements - we're here to help!

We're here to help: 01670 81 00 44