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Mmmm... donuts commercial seat and table set

21 October 2011  |  Admin

Donut adjust your screen, you're looking at the Donut seat and table set from Kirkhouse commercial furniture suppliers. We're very happy to introduce this novel, fun and practical mobile cafe / fastfood seating unit. Donuts can be used on your outdoor patio, on the grass or within your venue if it's raining.

Donuts is incredibly tough, and being inflatable it is a fantastic space saver when in storage. Donuts commercial seat and table set is available in a range of colours - we can also add your organisations logo or image to the giant Donut ring.

Donuts is a fun cafe or dining experience built to commercial furniture standards.

What is Donuts?

DoNuts is a drag & drop product. You can place it wherever you want, in a sunny spot or in the shadow. Thanks to its very light construction, DoNuts is very simple to move around. You take one leg of the table and drag the DoNuts to the place you want.

How to use Donuts.

Although DoNuts is a fun object, its comfort and quality reach the same level as all other Kirkhouse products. To sit comfortably and to ensure stability, the pressure in the tube has to be 0.15 bar.

You can check this with an enclosed digital tire pressure gauge. Remember that the pressure of the tube will rise when the DoNuts is used in warm weather.

Part of the Kirkhouse commercial furniture range

Kirkhouse are commercial (contract) furniture suppliers to the Education market including Nurseries, Schools and Universities.

Kirkhouse supply commercial seating and tables to local organisations including Community Centres, Town Hall's and Village Halls. Kirkhouse also offer a wide range of sanctuary chairs and tables to the Church market, our Church products are also supplied to Church Hall's.

Take a look at our commercial chair and table ranges available from our online furniture shop. Donuts is particularly suitable for bars, cafe's and diners looking for an attractive and fun experience.

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