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NEW! CB-05 Standard and Padded Plastic Stacking Chair

14 January 2013  |  Admin

Our first new product for 2013 is the CB-05 line of plastic stacking chair. Designed and built in the UK, CB-05 is a remarkably comfortable tub or bucket style stacking chair, built to last.

Reliable Tub Shell

Our CB-05 plastic shell has been around for some time; however we've revamped it, with a new line of colours available for the New Year. We've also moved upholstery to our own facility, allowing us to offer CB-05-SP (seat pad) in the full and expansive Kirkhouse upholstery range.

Sturdy Frame

CB05 frame allows the lightweight chair to be stacked up to ten chairs high. Stacking to this height is easily achieved, with the extra strong 16 Gauge tubular steel frames neatly nesting together. CB-05's plastic foot ferrules are newly extended for prolonged use.

Low cost padded chair

It's not fair to call CB-05 a cheap plastic stacking chair, as none of it's components are built to cost, however CB-05 certainly is a low cost solution. With seat padding included, CB-05-SP is arguably the best value for money of any commercial stacking chair.

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