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NEW - Lynx linking & stacking Conference chairs

28 September 2011  |  Admin

Lynx stacking chair has been designed for conference and use in halls (including school halls, county halls etc).

European guidelines regarding linking, require that rows of six chairs or more be linked. Almost all Kirkhouse chairs are available with various links as optional extras.

We offer integral and detachable links, however our new Lynx conference chairs include a unique linking system that is sturdy and easy to use.

We take a look at Lynx stacking chairs and consider the various models available from our online furniture shop.

How Lynx conference chairs link

The Lynx chair linking system relies on a unique modification to the chairs leg structure. Our video demonstrates how 80 Lynx conference or meeting room chairs can be set out within three minutes.

Lynx Conference chairs without padding

Our commercial furniture UK sales team will confirm that the best commercial seating is available with upholstery (or padding) as an option. Comfort is found through the shape of a chairs seat and back, rather than the thickness of an upholstered seat pad.

Where upholstered seat pads are used, it is often to offer some warmth to the user, reflect a brand image or attempt to present the appearance of comfort. In practical terms, an upholstered padding effectively reduces the life-span of a commercial chair, often by up to two thirds.

Lynx is available from our online commercial furniture shop, with various seat shapes - all with upholstered padding as an option.

Great Chair for Conferences

Lynx is an incredibly comfortable chair, whichever seat shape is chosen; your conference attendees will be impressed. Conference seating must also be easy to store and link - for which there is no better chair than Lynx.

Lynx stacking conference chair requires no additional linking device and no fiddly keyhole linking attachments - the chair links easily through the frame design. Lynx is also incredible robust - schools, halls and conference venues can stack, set out and link Lynx conference chairs for decades - Lynx chrome frame will withstand knocks and scrapes.

We are happy to arrange for our UK commercial furniture representatives to visit your site and discuss the various Lynx conference chair designs.

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