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NEW - Riva Folding Chair

14 September 2011  |  Admin

New to the UK furniture market - we introduce Riva, the commercial folding chair that's ideal for conference, school hall and meeting room use.

Lightweight and featuring an impressive mesh backrest for improved comfort over a prolonged sitting, Riva adds a new dimension to our excellent range of folding chairs.

We compare Riva to our most popular folding chairs and welcome it to the family.

A new folding chair concept.

Riva frame is of Aluminium and subsequently the chair weighs under 7kg. The aluminium frame is anodised, so it's largely scratch resistant and looks very smart.

Riva uses a plastic seat, with upholstered pads being developed at time of writing. It is perhaps the only commercially available folding chair available with a mesh backrest: This saves weight whilst offering great comfort throughout use.

Lightweight folding chairs are clearly desirable - organisations such as conference centres and meeting venues regularly need to clear large spaces quickly and with ease. Riva achieves these requirements in some style.

Being lightweight, the chairs stability is remarkable - especially in combination with an excellent choice of linking solutions (including analogue and digital seat numbering systems).

Folding chairs - what is Riva's lineage?

Commercial folding chairs can traced back to limited timber models, however folding chair systems did not fully take off until the introduction of suitable steel frame construction.

Our own Virco folding chair range has been widely copied - if you're looking for a Virco style of folding chair then pay particular attention to the stretcher rails.

Even stronger folding chairs with comprehensive storage systems are available in our numbered folding chair series, e.g. 3400 FSNF B Folding Chair. Both Virco and 3400 series folding chairs include impressive ten year frame guarantees.

Riva is the first Aluminium framed folding chair in the Kirkhouse commercial furniture range. Riva is also the first folding chair to use mesh in place of fabric upholstery.

Riva barely conforms to any of the traditional expectations of a commercial folding chair - it is unique and we're very glad to offer Riva from our online commercial furniture shop.

Where to buy commercial folding chairs.

The UK folding chair market is literally littered with poorly constructed chairs; there are plenty of pitfalls to avoid when sourcing a folding chair, so please contact Kirkhouse with your enquiry. Customers considering folding chairs should also consider Kirkhouse stacking chairs.

We're here to help: 01670 81 00 44