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NEW U-Frame Folding Tables

14 September 2011  |  Admin

Our latest commercial folding table series includes a very stable steel frame, which allows for maximum leg room in use. U-Frame tables are available with a number of table top finishes:

  1. Melamine Ideal for office and light community centre / village hall use.
  2. Laminate Heavy duty suitable for School, College, University and heavier community centre / village hall applications.
  3. Flock Cushioned surface for luxury Banquet use.
  4. Plywood Unvarnished and Varnished for Hire or low cost Banquet use.

Ezee Fold Folding Tables

Ezee fold is the predecessor to Kirkhouse U-Frame folding tables. Ezee fold is available in the same table top finishes as U-Frame (see above) tables, however the folding frame is heavy duty.

Ezee fold folding tables may have the strongest frames on the market, weighing between 20-30kg Ezee fold tables are also very stable and perfect for dining / banquet use.

Gopak Folding Tables

Gopak folding tables remain our most popular series. Made from lightweight Aluminium, Gopak folding tables are incredibly strong.

The basic folding table design is incredibly popular, with almost every school in the UK having some form of Gopak folding tables. We often recommend the cheapest model (Economy Folding Table), however customer often require the extra table sizes available in Contour series folding tables.

It's not surprising that our Gopak folding tables are so popular, as users who are regularly folding and moving tables prefer a low weight option.

Whether you are looking for semi-permanent banquet tables, or lightweight folding tables that spend as much time in storage as they do in use - we have the solution! Please take a look at our commercial folding table range on our online furniture sales shop.

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