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NEW - Upholstery range is now online!

7 December 2011  |  Admin

Kirkhouse commercial furniture ranges use upholstery fabric tested for Severe Contract Use.

The most commonly cited test for upholstery fabrics, is the rub test: Fabrics are rubbed in a lissajous pattern until two or more fibres are broken, at which point the test ends.

Severe Contract Fabrics achieve 40,000 rubs; most Kirkhouse fabrics achieve 100,000 rubs and many achieve over 500,000 rubs (categorised as 24/7 fabrics suitable for Airport Lounges and similar).

Severe Contract upholstery fabrics are ideal for commercial and domestic furniture.

Over 35 upholstery fabric ranges

You can see over 35 upholstery ranges alone on our commercial furniture upholstery range page. Select a range and then click on the rainbow pallet to open up the full colour range.

We include full product descriptions, including fabric width, fire retardancy, composition and cleaning guides. We offer Tweed, Vinyl, Polyester knitted or woven and an impressive range of Second Nature fabrics.

Second Nature

Second Nature fabrics have been developed with the environment in mind. Second Nature fabrics are either of recycled materials or natural fibres. They are also compostable or recyclable. Sting Plus is a remarkable example, being composed of Wool and Nettle fibres!

Sting Plus is incredibly tough and comfortable; there is no need for compromise in environmentally friendly fabrics.

On the roll or by the metre

Fabrics are sold on the roll (typically 30m) or by the metre from 1m upwards. Carriage costs apply to smaller orders but the costs are minimal and the product suited to prolonged contract use.

We're the source for many upholsterers nationwide and we look forward to supplying our upholstery fabric to you soon! Please note, all fabrics can be applied to Kirkhouse Commercial Seats seen on our commercial furniture website

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