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Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

13 March 2020  |  Admin

UK furniture manufacture currently unaffected however some imported items likely to suffer delays in coming weeks.


We are obviously concerned about the dangers of Corona Virus and it's affects on the world at large. With regards to our operations, we are currently seeing little impact, however customers who are concerned about issues with supply  of furniture should read on.


We are a UK manufacturer and we promote and work with other UK factories where ever possible. To date, UK manufacture is unaffected by Corona Virus in terms of production. Our schedules remain steady. Most importantly, our own factory has procedures in place to minimise risk to staff.  


Our UK operations import some items from Italy. Despite the heavy restrictions on movement in Italy, our Italian colleagues advise us that it is essentially 'business as usual'. Our Italian imports have not been affected up to now and we see little indication that this will change.


It is widely reported that the UK is a few weeks behind Italy in terms of the spread and affect of the Virus.  In terms of production, we believe that as Italian factories continue to operate, we should be able to continue when the UK is at that level.


Outside of UK manufacture and our own European imports, we also work with UK warehouses that import from China.  It is the nature of such imports that warehouses generally carry very large stock.  However, most warehouses are advising that once current stock is depleted, they will face delays.  The length of such delays is difficult to ascertain at this stage, however they could be considerable.


UK alternatives to imported Chinese products are generally available, however they can be more expensive.  We should be able to fulfil all import orders with alternative UK products.


Please note, our website product pages indicate where items originate from in the 'Specifications' tab.  It is worth checking availability where an item is listed as "Outside EU".


Please contact Kirkhouse with any queries.

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