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Origin CONTOUR Indoor / Outdoor Furniture Range

18 November 2022  |  Admin

Origin CONTOUR range is perhaps the only UK made outdoor furniture range at this time and it's not cutting any corners.  UK manufacturing is positive for continuity of supply, standards of quality and after-sales service.  CONTOUR is a reliable product for the contract market and it's also very well designed.

Wire seats can be deceptive; they look simple however when you consider the multiple weld points for each wire, you're really looking at some precise machining.  Added to that, each wire has it's own contour which is fundamental to the chairs comfort:  Wire seats are difficult to make properly.

The design is impeccable and it follows that the materials used are also of high calibre.  All steel elements are zinc coated prior to epoxy powder coating, for an environmentally friendly, weather resistant finish.  It's important to note that no furniture designer has yet achieved an indestructible chair, so you should store these seats indoors as much as possible.

All CONTOUR chairs will stack, which is an indication of good design:  You may not need to stack your chairs every day, however the fact that they will stack is always a positive in terms of design.

CONTOUR range is not cheap; it's UK made using quality materials and finish.  CONTOUR range is also designed for projects, so please let us know if you're looking to furnish a larger space and we will quote accordingly.



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