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Plastic Chairs - The New Class

1 July 2011  |  Admin

Kirkhouse commercial plastic stacking chairs (or bucket chairs) are now available for sale from our furniture store in two different standards: Generation 1 & 2.

It's useful for online furniture shops to know the differences, in order to help UK consumers looking to buy furniture.


First Generation plastic stacking chairs

meet British ergonomic standards. The most important aspect is the seat height: Since the 1940's the recommended adult seat height has been 430mm.

School plastic stacking chairs have been manufactured by an astounding number of factories (many of which are now closed), and countless plastic chair designs have been produced - all with the adult seat height at 430mm.

Plastic (more accurately Polypropylene) has proven to be a fantastic chair material, creating lightweight, cheap stackable chairs. Widely considered to be furniture for schools, discount furniture suppliers may offer First Generation cheap plastic chairs at under 10.00GBP each.

Kirkhouse have plastic chairs for sale at under 8.00GBP each, from UK chair manufacturers. The largest production cost of commercial stackable plastic chairs is the initial setup. Consequently, with many first generation plastic bucket chairs being around 50 years old, the cost of manufacture is very low, and the sales price is also low.

The cheapest stacking chair available at time of writing is the Kirkhouse P1.

First Genration plastic chairs are also available for sale as childrens chairs from Kirkhouse online furniture shop.

Second Generation plastic stacking chairs

EN1729 European ergonomic standards.

These new plastic chair measurements are based on a European sample population. The standards are far more rigorous than required for first generation plastic chairs, with many aspects to consider besides the seat height.

Adult seat height for 2nd generation plastic chairs is 460mm. Further emphasis is placed on the space between the seat and backrest, depending on the target age range.

Fewer UK factories are manufacturing plastic chairs suitable for School / Community Centre / Village Hall use. The development costs of second generation plastic chairs, are high. New designs and new tooling are incredibly expensive, and factories need to recoup these costs. As such, second generation plastic chairs for schools are far more expensive than first generation plastic chairs.

Arguably the finest 2nd generation plastic chair, is the GEO chair, however special consideration should be given to the Postura and many schools favour the SE model. Second Genration plastic chairs are also available for sale as childrens chairs. Kirkhouse online commercial furniture shop includes the Chatterbox and Bikini plastic stackable armchair.

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