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Postura+ One Piece Plastic Stacking Chair

5 October 2011  |  Admin

The old Kirkhouse Postura school chair was our first one-piece plastic chair. Postura soon developed into Postura+, achieving EN1729 and including a Ten Year Guarantee.

We've seen Postura+ plastic chairs put under real stress in schools around the world (take a look at Kirkhouse Furniture facebook page for evidence). Few chairs compare to Postura+ classroom stacking chairs, we take a look at possibly the best school classroom chair ever developed.

Postura+ Classroom Chair: Design

Postura+ stacking chairs are of anti-static plastic, improving school classroom cleaning. Ventilation is achieved through improved backrest design - no sweaty backs in the classroom, and superior comfort.

Dual seating positions in the seat promotes better circulation and improves student concentration. Postura+ classroom chair is of gas injected plastic, improving strength & stability whilst reducing weight. Lastly, Postura+ is available in recycled plastic and manufactured in the UK: Considering it's 10 year guarantee, Postura+ Classroom Stacking Chair is very kind to the environment.

Postura+ Classroom Furniture: Ergonomics

Kirkhouse Postura+ school chair achieves some fantastic ergonomic and user benefits:

  • Lightweight Postura+ Gas injected plastic frame is lightweight, allowing for ease of movement throughout the classroom and improved stacking.
  • Correct lumber support Choose the correct chair for your classroom and Postura+ offers the best lumber support for your age range.
  • Multiple posture It's important that students can move in their classroom chairs; Postura+ school chairs have slightly flexible backrests for just this purpose.

Research in the classroom indicates that children who are more comfortable have improved concentration levels. Comfortable seating over a prolonged period requires that the user be able to move unrestricted: Postura+ plastic stacking chair is designed to meet these important school classroom comfort requirements.

Recycled and Recyclable Plastic School Chair

Available in recycled plastic, Postura+ Classroom Chairs are environmentally friendly in manufacture. Whichever colour you choose, Postura+ chairs are also 100% recyclable. Postura+ includes a 10 Year Guarantee, however the chairs will usually last far longer; in many years time, after your school chooses to pass its Postura+ chairs on to another organisation (many of our school customers pass their second-hand furniture on to local Village Halls & Community Centres) and that organisation replaces them after a further 20 years use - Postura+ may be recycled in full!

In brief, Postura+ stacking chairs last a lifetime, and at the end of that life they can be recycled. What could be better? Postura+ Classroom Plastic Stacking Chair is available for sale through Kirkhouse online commercial furniture shop.

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