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Premium Commercial Furniture Ranges

4 February 2013  |  Admin

Our group is proud to represent Balzar Beskow of Sweden in the UK; our relationship spans four decades, in which time we have completed countless prestigious projects.

Due to our ever expanding Kirkhouse commercial furniture range, we now present premium chair and table ranges dedicated to Balzar Beskow in their entirety.

Balzar Beskow Chairs & Balzar Beskow Tables

Balzar Beskow of Sweden have been producing the finest timber frame furniture since the 1950's. Designed in Sweden to the highest standards and manufactured in Sweden from Premium Grade Scandinavian timber, models such as S-312 have now sold in their Millions.

In more recent years, Balzar Beskow has extended it's design programme and produces new models each year. Balzar Beskow products represent the very peak of furniture design and manufacture.


Chairs Casala is a commercial furniture design house of some pedigree. Kirkhouse has a history of working with the "best" rather than necessarily the "original" furniture design.

Casala have certainly taken inspiration from other designers: Casala's 1970's monoblock 'S' shaped Casalino chair could always withstand the pressures of Commercial use, where the original and much lauded design was too weak and subsequently pulled from production: Credit where credit is due; Casala may have been inspired by another design, however Casalino chair is arguably the superior.

The same may also be said for our most popular Curvy chair, which in our collective mind, was the first pretender to the important & staggering David Rowland design. It is worth noting the history of the Skid-Base chair, so as not to forget that even the classics are often interpretations of older designs: Pre-War designs (such as PEL and Cox skid-base chairs) recognised the benefit of a skid or sled-base frame; David Rowland was able to utilise new materials and tooling to vastly improve and supersede the original concept.

In turn, Casala Curvy chair has arguably superseded a masterpiece and is among the finest sled-base stacking chairs on the market today. We are very proud to present these new Premium Commercial Furniture ranges and look forward to expanding them as we work with these remarkable furniture design houses.

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