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Product Update: Gopak Contour / Contour25 Folding tables

10 January 2020  |  Admin

Gopak Contour table has been discontinued - or modified, depending on how you choose to look at it.  As of January 2020, you cannot buy Gopak Contour tables, however you can buy Gopak Contour25 folding tables.

So what's the difference?

There are four updates to the original Contour design and in our view, the two main updates are certainly improvements:

• 5% lighter

Gopak is known for lightweight folding tables, so further weight reduction should be welcome to most customers.

• Reduced lip around edge

Gopak Contour tables had a raised lip around the edge, of approx. 5mm.  This has been reduced to approx. 2mm, which is more comfortable to use and allows tables to be better abutted in rows etc.  This is a significant improvement as the previous 5mm edge was a frustrating aspect of the original design.

• Improved corner moulding

This moulding had to be updated to account for the reduce lip height, it's not so much an improvement as a requirement of the new edge.

• Simplified folding mechanism

A small update to the moulded folding 'glide' that was introduced around 2010.  If you have older contour tables, they may not have this moulding at all.  The previous mould certainly improved ease of folding and this slight modification is a little better again.

Reduced edge height and reduced weight are the main improvements.  These modifications shouldn't impact too greatly on customers who are adding to their stock of older Contour tables.

You can order Gopak Contour25 online from Kirkhouse or request a quotation for projects.  Click here to view Gopak Contour25 folding tables.

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