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Skin Fibreglass-Polypropylene Seating

16 February 2016  |  Admin


Skin is an contract quality fibreglass-polypropylene seat shell, ideal for the contract leisure market and naturally suited to a wide range of applications.

The chair shell presents a thin profile with elegantly contoured seat & backrest.  The backrest incorporates five lateral apertures, providing air-flow and increased comfort to the user.

Skin chair shell is both robust and adaptable, allowing for a wide range of seat / base arrangements.

Skin 4-leg Chair & Armchair

The classic 4-leg stacking chair is a lightweight design that maximises flexibility within your space. Stacking four chairs high on a level floor, or operating as a high-density stacking chair at 45º on accompanying trolley.

Skin 4-leg may be easily arranged into endless configurations as your space requires, the design allowing commercial & community user groups to arrange and rearrange with ease.

Skin 4-leg is additionally available with concealed linking device and writing tablet.

Skin Skid-Base Chair & Armchair

The weightier sled-base Skin chair provides a sturdy, durable seat for less flexible applications.  Skin skid-base chair will stack up to 4 units high on a level surface, however the increased weight is less appealing for community projects, where users (rather than staff) may be expected to arrange your furniture.

The positive corollary of added weight is increased stability, which is often preferred for corporate / conference arrangements.

Skin Bar Stool

Comprising easily cleaned, stylish elements, Skin series is an excellent option for leisure / dining / cafe environments.  To accompany the chair range, Skin is available as a mid-back bar stool.

Positioned on a heavy-duty yet elegant skid-base frame, Skin Bar Stool is an extremely hard-wearing and stylish solution for myriad leisure applications.  The stool frame incorporates bracing and footrest as one.

Skin Spider Chair / Armchair

Awarded the 2015 ADEX Award For Design Excellence.

Positioned on a 4-leg spider base, Skin presents a highly stable chair ideally suited to ICT, office and home office applications.  The chair feet include levellers for increased stability.

Skin Bench Seat System

Perhaps the ultimate compliment to a quality seat shell, Skin Plastic Seat Bench Seating system features an elegant, slim beam frame allowing for up to 4 positions.

Skin beam seating is available in multiple configurations to your specification.  Online options include our most popular arrangements, however we will provide drawings for bespoke requirements.

Furniture Family: Skin

Designer: Josep Lluscà

Category: Seating

Skin 4-Leg Stacking Chair Skin 4 Leg Stacking Armchair
Skin Skid-Base Stacking Chair Skin Skid-Base Stacking Armchair
Skin Spider-Base Chair Skin Skid-Base Armchair
Skin Skid-Base Stool
Skin Beam Seat System
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