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Space Saving Chairs

7 March 2017  |  Admin

space saving chairs

Which chairs save the most space?

Whether ordering for community applications (e.g. Village Halls, Church Halls & Community Centres) or commercial use, chair storage is often an issue.

Community organisations usually consist of volunteers rather than paid staff.  As such, expectations with regard to chair transport and weight can differ considerably.

Many committees initially focus on chair comfort, which would seem the sensible thing to do.  However we would recommend that you first consider the storage aspect of your new chairs.  Can the chairs be moved easily transported to a safe storage space by regular users?

Working with limitations of floor space is key to a successful project.  Various trolleys are available for various chairs:  It is important that your trolleys can be easily manoeuvred to a suitable storage space.

With these storage aspects in mind, Kirkhouse specialise in ensuring that precisely the right chairs are considered for specific projects.  You can call Kirkhouse to discuss these options as well as follow our new guide set out below.

This guide indicates key elements, including, how much space p/m is required, whether trolleys will go through 'normal' door sizes and also how many people are required to move a trolley.


Chair Storage & Handling Guide (Large Projects)
Chair Trolley Chair Capacity p/m² Single Door Double Door Approx. Weight Kg Users

Flatbed Trolley
  Yes Yes 160 1
80 80

Urban Chair Trolley
  Yes Yes 150 1

Chair Removal Trolley

Yes Yes 66 1


48 48 48

Low 2 Bay Hanging Trolley

No Yes 240 1-2


47 23 23

Upright Trolley

  Yes Yes 100 1



High 2 Bay Hanging Trolley

No No 440 2


94 47 47

High 3 Bay Hanging Trolley

No No 640 2-3


96 48 48
Chair Trolley Chair Capacity p/m² Single Door Double Door Approx. Weight Kg Users

Kirkhouse can recommend products from a vast catalogue, to ensure we supply you with the best chair for your organisation. Please contact Kirkhouse with any queries; we are very happy to help.

We're here to help: 01670 81 00 44